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58 days 18 hours ago
Hello hello hello ladies! Welcome back to the werkroom. Last week we saw the departure of Tushda and Alotta and how GOD herself said “unless  they paying your bills, pay the bitches no mind” so yeah. Let’s go on.

This week we’re getting physical... I hope you have your legwarmers and jockstraps out because we’re THROWING A BALL! And not any ball... the Drag Ball. There are many spirits inside out community... let’s celebrate the main ones.

If you don’t know what a ball is, let me explain : you have to create three looks following three different themes. It’s as easy as that. Here are the three themes :

🐠 High Fashion Fish : Please read HIGH FASHION and FISH. Two rules for this one : 1) I want you all to have a major fashion moment. I want details and eleganza. 2) I want to scream “She’s a womaaaan” to our drag queens and “he’s a man, Maury” at our drag king.

🤰🏻Campy Style! : I want Camp. As simple as that. What is camp? Well... that’s up to you.

🧟‍♀️ Monster Realness : Doesn’t have to be scary. Think more of “freaky”... but, if scary tickles your pickles more... go ahead, I support you.

You have 48 hours.

Good luck ladies and don’t fuck it up.

But if you do, prepare to lipsync to drag royalty and embodiment of perfection Todrick Hall. You better be good, because if you don’t, he won’t pay you. But he won’t pay either way sooooooooo.....

57 days 13 hours ago
[24 hours extension]
57 days 1 hour ago
*Dame Shady enters the ball with her flying monkeys, king of the jungle looking like Mufasa, and a bad ass attitude*

56 days 9 hours ago
For tonight's threesome I wanted a little cohesion. These three ladies are going different places but were bred in the same orgy. For my high fashion look I FINALLY get to use my mermaid/iceberg dress and I'm showing off how beautiful the motion of this ocean is. For my camp look I wanted to do something fun and be a disco queen in a jumpsuit, the balloons were on sale so I had to use them. And for my monster look, I went as a decaying princess possessed by a gold digging demon, turning me into his golden skull for a good fucking.

Anyways, I'm pussy bitch.

56 days 9 hours ago

For the high fashion look, I wanted to be simple yet captivating. The yellow and the black mix together very well and I even have a beret on, what’s more fashionable than a beret? What can I say, I’m a model.

For the campy look, I wanted to go absolutely bonkers. This look is honestly just one big acid trip from the heels all the way up to the messy ass wig.

For the monster look, I wanted to do a bug look of some sort... So I decided on mothra but that just couldn’t be enough... so how about a RADIOACTIVE MOTHRA! This bitch is sickening, scary, and sexy all at the same time... who else do you know that can make a moth look sexy? That’s right, only me.
56 days 6 hours ago


For the High Fashion Fish look, i literally went with serving of some fishy mermaid with what appears to be Oceanic City's coutour mermaid outfit garment with some cute high fashion natural Mermaid realness.

For the Campy look,  I was wearing my cute tent dress that's totally fierce but then out of nowhere my dress set on fire during a thunder storm that happen out of total irony. So now I'm on fire my cheap wig is on fire and so is my dress and everything else so i guess I'm lit? Lol

For the Monster look, I'm bringing my Five Nights at Freddy's OC Liony the cute and totally not deadly animatronic but, he's all messed up and partly broken and he's out for some revenge for some reason. Liony is lethal and ready to invade people's homes and probably kill them because life sucks. DISCLAIMER: Fuxbear Entertainment is not liable for sudden deaths of families and/or the destruction of said homes. Please do not sue us or there will be severe consequences. Have a Fuxbear day!
56 days 1 hour ago
High Fashion Fish: https://imgur.com/a/Ivf9g3T

CF: I'm wearing this avant-garde black and white piece. I'm not really in the loop on designer fashion, but this look is TOTALLY Christian Louis Vitton!

Campy Style: https://imgur.com/a/QaMVePd

CF: Camp is all about tastelessness, and what was more tasteless than 1980s Professional Wrestling? Nothing! I am DICK DEMOLISHER! I'm covered in so much oil I don't even have to walk, I SLIDE from place to place! The amount of hairspray I use to keep this style creates a hole in the ozone layer wherever I go! I'm a walking environmental disaster! And if you don't like it, prepare to meet my signature move, the ASS BLASTER!


Monster Realness: https://imgur.com/a/BdnwYma

CF: I'm a viking zombie, ready to return to the world and pillage! The Europeans have gotten even SOFTER in the thousand years that I've been gone! It will be easy pickings!
55 days 23 hours ago

Fish Queen


CF: She's serving you pop art meets glamour tonight! I often play with gender in my drag, I enjoyed toasting my more glamourous side. Classic, beaitiful, but in the oddest of taste.

Camp Look


CF: Just when she serves you fish, bam! And just when you think you've seen it all, she has more! I am an incredibly complex human and I am so tired of being told who I am or what I can do with drag. Smash the box, people.

Monster Look

CF: Serving you true monster. Horror. Served from the scariest of all- the human brain. Disease, and prayer weren't ready for her.

55 days 23 hours ago
Imgur w all looks-

55 days 23 hours ago
and close ups :)
55 days 22 hours ago
Is that sulsul's distant cousin Plaguina?? Lmao jk yass i live for these lewks Greyconverse.

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