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249 days ago
Hello everyone and welcome to All Stars! The season of seasons. The final showdown for the best bitches in town. Many girls enter. But only one will come out. Literally. The result for elimination is death. 10 beautiful queens will battle it out for the title of Tengaged’s Next ULTIMATE Drag Superstar and a bunch of other amazing prizes. Which comprehend :

🏆 The title of Tengaged’s ULTIMATE Next Drag Superstar (official)
🔶 The chance of being a mentor next regular season
💫 A predominant spot on the Hall Of Fame
🎁 A gift

A 10th queen will be revealed during promo. Do you want to know who that is? Then stay tuned.

Because, first of all, we need to introduce the one and only. The queen with mostest. Her highness and runway blesser Twinkies. But she is no longer just Twinkies. She evolved and embraced her haus name. Let me welcome to the runway, for the first time ever, Twinkies Oppulenz!


New exciting news are ahead of us. Stay here for more.
248 days 23 hours ago
But before going on let's introduce the real new of the season. For the first time in Talian's drag Race her story. We will have an actual up and running "Whatcha Packin'" series.


Twinkies will grace our screen once again in this inept dress. Do you want a first taste at it? Episode 0 is live! With special guest star : me!

Here is the link for the series thread : https://tengaged.com/group/7428-talians-drag-race-all-stars/forum/topic/23284421

And here is episode 0 : https://imgur.com/a/FcrsXIJ
248 days 23 hours ago
So now.. let's go on to the moment we have all been waiting for : the cast reveal! Who is the 10th mysterious queen? Time to find out!

I hope you are seated because this is it.

248 days 23 hours ago
What? Yes. I wasn't lying.

There is actually a 10th mysterious queen. And also an 11th and a 12th. So what?

Foe the first time Drag Race herstory Former mentor Phila McHunt, Crystal Clear and Enobaria are coming into the game as contestants. The show has begun ladies.

So here is the final cast for All Stars :

⭐️ Aishah Ali [rory17]
⭐️ Amanduh Holden [Dylangover1]
⭐️ Baylor Vuitton [patricenka9]
⭐️ Crystal Clear [spinfur]
⭐️ Enobaria [Faake]
⭐️ Holden Richards [snick427]
⭐️ LaOddity [greyconverse]
⭐️ Mustard “Cheeky Spice” Monroe [Macda27]
⭐️ Phila McHunt [nijoco]
⭐️ Plai Statión [Gamerden13]
⭐️ Sasha Sass [lruthskelt]
⭐️ Stormer Summers [Ajathekween]

I can't wait to see how this turns out.
248 days 23 hours ago
For the first time in this series. there won't be a winner on episode 0 since I wanted this to b more similar to the real race. But since from next week I won't be giving advices to the SAFE queens. I'd like to take this moment to say a couple of things about your performances.

Aishah Ali : In your original season, you showed a lot of interest pre season. Then I kinda lost you when the competition started. In your interview, you mentioned the fact that you feel like many times things were given to you just for your reputation instead of your effort and own worth. Unfortunately, I am kinda new to TG races, and i have no idea what you did before. So your challenge for this season is to be consistent, high quality without giving up your sassiness. What I liked about your interview is I feel like you were being authentic and I felt it. I want you to keep on this path. Don’t hide your flaws, make them your strength. And if you feel like your promo isn’t your best suit, DON’T ADMIT IT TO ME! Sell it to me. I want to live the fantasy, even if it’s only just an illusion. For your runways a little suggestion I would give you is trying new shapes and cuts for your looks. I expect the unexpected from you.

Amanduh Holden : Your interview is a little underwhelming. I asked some pretty personal and in depth questions and I find myself with half answers. What I am asking you going into this competition is try and be more out there. Have more fun. Don’t be afraid to be too long... you know, mama loves long things. Obviously don’t even go too long, but please take a little more time and try and be more active and articulated. We had a very nice private session of defining tour looks so I am a little disappointed by your promo as well. The dress is too secretary of the 60’s. The hair is cute but also the shape of your face is kinda odd. Take my usual advice : GO BIGGER! And I’m times of need remember to try and achieve what mama likes : long and big.

Baylor Vuitton : I felt like you were being too busy to care about what you’ve been asked. I know it’s just an impression but you made it look like you were too above this. Yes, this is just a game, and I don’t want any of you to take this as a job or a total commitment but also, the fantasy comes crashing apart if you just go “I won’t be as good as I used to be”. Sometimes practice makes perfect, but gorgeousness and fashion can’t be taught, and I know you have plenty of those. You felt kinda defeated in your interview. Instead, I want you to walk with your chin up like you’ve always had. And if you feel like a week is not your best just. Sell. It. Your promo is nice. But, it’s a dress and cane that were already used during Season 3 promo. This is nothing major, but probably the “wow” factor loses a little effect when you present a dress that has already been used.

Crystal Clear : You are a wise queen. Every word you said in the interview screamed wisdom. But not in a bougie or superb way, just a lot of passion and knowledge of what you did and are continuing doing. I would say you did an impeccable job. If you could see me, I was waving my finger and snapping at you at every word you said. Only problem : I needed a little more. Your answers were clear but too concise. If you want me to live the fantasy I need you to paint the background first and then the close up. I feel you went straight for the closeup with no background. But, that close up is great. Your promo look is amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I love the mug, the stones, the dress. I love that you are bold. This is everything.
248 days 23 hours ago
Enobaria : Your interview was very nice. Inspiring. And true. That’s what I like about you. You are the first of 3 people who never competed in the race before. This girls are gonna eat you alive at your first mis-step so just make sure it won’t happen. So far so good. My suggestion for the season to come is trying and being more silly and funny. I loved for your trend alerts and your closing lines on BO. I would like to see that go on and improve during this season. You are a fashion icon and we all know it, just know that with a big name comes big responsibilities. I warned you. In fact, your promo look is a little middle of the road. The design per se is great. But I wouldn’t really get the space/theme reference if I didn’t know it. You somehow look like a sea creature rather than a space one. And since this is All Stars, thsi kind of things will count.

Holden Richards : First of all, thanks for coming back my king. It’s really nice to show some diversity from time to time. But, your interview was a little lackluster. You had some good points (the pun about Aragorn killed me) but overall it felt like you just rushed the answers. Which brings me to my suggestion for you : during my races, you always felt in and out of the competition. Sometimes you shine and sometimes it looks like you don’t care. So what I want from you is consistency. You have a big advantage by being the first ever drag king since the other bitches didn’t already used all the best outfits, please match it with your amazing personality. I know you can and that is why I am asking you. Your promo look was amazing. I LOVED it. And that is LOVED. Your face is just amazing. I loved the spikes coming out of your back head. I honesty loved for it.

LaOddity : What can I say to you that I haven’t already? I will always count on you to bring the passion and the message. You always know how to go there and bring the message along. I would say your interview was inspirational and revolution-inspiring. So, your mission for this season is to take that and push it to the next level. I want to see what do YOU believe in. How you can use drag to create a new better world and take us with you. Change the world my dear, we will follow. Your promo look is so out there and odd I can’t even. It feels like a fashion forward elevated version of a child playing an alien/ghost under a bedsheet. And I love it. The face is gorgeous and I love the fact you somehow made it homogeneous with your finale look.

Mustard “Cheeky Spice” Monroe : The transformation is complete. Now I am only waiting for the comeback of Fatty McFatface “Krampus” with the good snacks or Little Red “Scarf”. I am living for the “the Tuck” moment here. But your interview was very tame. You won because you were silly and having lots of fun. I didn’t feel it they your interview. Your sense of humour is so out there that it’s adorable, I want to see that and more from you. Remember you already won, now you need to ELEVATE. In fact, your promo look was... something. The face was actually cool, hair and mug were nice. The double iris is amazing. But your outfit is really too simple. Be more. Be too much. Disgust us with how out there you can be. But take. Us. There. I know you can.
248 days 23 hours ago
Phila McHunt : That’s why you won four times as a mentor. You know how to be real and deliver a good performance every time. No matter if it’s just an interview. I love the message you trying and conceive and you went there. Only note : Your first answer was delightfully long and moving. But your other answers were much shorter. It kinda made the interview feel a little unbalanced. But that’s really the only note. Your look is amazing!!! Like. Amazing! I love the shape, the concept. Literally everything about it is perfection. I loved the smoke of the reactor being your skirt. That is just genius.

Plai Statión : You stayed true to your character. Your interview is sweet and sincere. I know you can bring a lot of fun as well so just keep on pushing. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. My note would be I don’t really have much to say about your interview? It didn’t really leave a lasting impact. This season is packed with deadly sassy queens, don’t get confused in the background. I want you to stand out. Your look was nice as well. Totally in your character. Once again, very sweet. Try’s Nd be more experimental. It worked wonders in season 2. I want to see what more can you bring and I am so excited for it.

Sasha Sass : You surely had the funniest interview of all. Like you really cracked me more than once. I love your sass (duh) and I love the way you talked about retiring Dame Shady. But you also have been very true and natural while being serious and while you combined two different souls into one interview, it all seemed very normal and natural and I can’t ask for more. Your promo look was... surely memorable. I love the hair. Let’s start there. I love the proportions you give your models and the mug is ok. But wtf is going on with those rings? Sis, we need to talk about them asap. But I can’t wait to see what else you have for us.

Stormer Summers : I don’t even know. You really wrote just two words for each question. I don’t really have many notes. I am sorry. Your promo look is nice. But very simple. I like the helmet, but the rest is very simple. I want you to bring your personality every season, I know you can. Please do.
248 days 23 hours ago
And this is all. The first mini challenge will be posted later tonight ladies so watch out for that.

Until then... have a great night!

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