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1418 days 12 hours ago
Scott: I didn't really get to know you that well and I am regretful I didn't, you seemed like a cool guy to be around but in order to further the agenda of the Xhosa 6, you had to be voted out because you were the biggest threat to us, based on what we saw in the pre-merge phase.

Selena: You weren't initially our target but the "Exemption Dinner" kind of screwed up the numbers so you were the only logical choice as everyone else was either in the Xhosa 6 or in my side alliance.

Tyler: You were probably the best physical player I have ever seen, you were always keeping us in line during challenges while on Xhosa. It was hard to vote you out but I knew at the end of the day it was just a game and I needed to continue my strategic dominance. Your constant immunity wins would have disrupted my plans.

Austin: Like I said in my speech, I wanted to settle the score since I voted out an original Xhosa member. Out of you, Maxwell, and Steve, you were the biggest threat. In addition, Jacob thought you were the best choice so we had to get rid of you. Thank for assisting me in the early merge.

Jacob: You have every right and more to be mad at me, but, I one my first and only immunity challenge and I felt like if I didn't get rid of you in the Final 7, then you would have rode your challenge skills to the end. I'm sorry for the blindside but it was strictly strategic and out of respect for your challenge dominance.

Maxwell: You didn't really respond to anything I sent you, however, you weren't supposed to be 6th, but someone didn't split the votes correctly and unfortunately you paid the price. Thank you your help in this game.

Steve: You swung first and I swung back, your allies were slowly eliminated right before your eyes and you suddenly were all alone. I'm sorry you had to go but you picked a fight with me too soon. I will admit, you played a marvelous game and thank you for helping me.

Mickle: I didn't want to vote you out but I heard you wanted to vote me out. Out of reaction to this, Luis and I banded together one final vote in order to get you out. I had fun battling the endurance challenge out with you. I'd also like to point out you were probably the funniest castaway of the season. Thank you for everything.
1417 days 22 hours ago
scott - we dint get put up on same tribe though we talked a little i found out that you deserved to stay longer

selena - we talked very little and i couldnt conclude where your head was and you were evicted very soon i hope we can play together again :-]

tyler - i liked you and trusted you more but you were too close with luis and jacob and that intimidated me hence i wanted to break the powerful 3 alliance im sorry but i liked you alot as a person

austin - you were a great guy and a nice player and good at challenges and sadly you were on our opposite side so sadly i had to plan your blindside as i wanted the numbers with me always

jacob - you were the best physical player here and your strong alliance with tyler and luis did intimidate me hence i had to take you out

maxwell - you are a good group game player and  you have won few seasons before and the fact that you are a returnee and you were playing an utr game like me made me percieve you as a threat hence i evicted you

steve - you were a good ally and i knew you needed me hence i kept you as long as i could

mickle - wow a great strategic player and the fact that you won a challenge that lasted 4 and half hours speaks a lot but sadly you never wanted to make a deal with me so you had to go
1417 days 22 hours ago
Yogi please stop acting like u did shit when u were the biggest floater in the game bro just own up to it it'll make u look better, I know you're desperate for votes but just stop lying and accept your fate
1417 days 22 hours ago
Why did you do this on my page XD

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