Nolan's Endurance

Hosted By Jayelvee And Eyoomarcus

- It's just like normal stars, Except with 20 players battling out for the title.

- Each poll will last 12 hours.

- I will give a 12 hour pre-poll period so you can talk, form alliances,etc before the game starts.

- In the event of a tie, the first person to mail me "Please save me" will be saved.

- NO SPAMMING IS ALLOWED if caught spamming you will be auto eviced.

- Even if everyone doesn't give their noms in to me, I'll still put up a poll based on the votes i get in the 12 hour period.

-If you get banned you will automatically get put up in the poll along with the person with the most nomination

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Nolan's Endurance

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