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Quack's Survivor - Sports Edition


Eighteen Contestants, non-live sports based challenges.  Challenges will cover many sports, baseball, basketball, football,Soccer, hockey etc.

This will be a slow paced game, usually will be one eviction a week maybe two if time permits.
Monday - challenge announced (pick winners for wednesdays nba games)
Tuesday - picks due by 3pm
Wednesday- picks announced
Thursday - results announced, deadline for losing tribes votes due by midnight
Friday - votes announced for tribal, new challenge posted (pick players based on nfl games on sunday)

There will be some challenges where you submit picks individually and some where you will have one submission for the whole tribe or group you are divided into. Picks will be sent to me  via sitemail.  Once you submit picks to me it is final. If you make an error or a player is injured etc. it cannot be changed. So be sure prior to sending them to me that you are happy with your picks.

Individual challenge immunity - if you win individual immunity it is yours. It CANNOT be given to others.

Idol(s) - immunity idols may come into play at certain points of the game. Clues will be distributed based on performance in SOME challenges. It is up to you whether or not you share clues with others. Clues will be sent out via sitemail, idols will be hidden within a movie. You will send guesses (marked "idol guess" to me via sitemail stating where the idol is hidden and the name of a movie. (Example : the idol is hidden in the Delorean in Back to the future II) i will allow one guess per person per day on idols. sitemails with more than one guess will be ignored and i will only read the first sitemail you send to me.

If you don't hear a response, you didn't guess correctly and try again the next day.

Idol play - votes for tribal council are typically due by midnight. Idols will be allowed to be used up until  that point as well. You may use them on yourself or another player. You must post in the tribal council thread  prior to the tribal vote deadline stating you are using the idol and on who it is being used on. If it is after the deadline it will not be allowed. You will not be allowed to change your mind. Once posted it is final.  Idols can only be given to the tribemates you are currently with. You cannot give them to opposing tribes.

Voting - when voting for elimination, you are allowed one submission. You cannot change your vote.

Don’t get too comfortable and expect some surprising twists! If you see a question that you need clarified, please let me know.
Season 2

Ariza Tribe

bearclaw1212 - Redemption Island         

Ibaka Tribe

Andrewisbored - 18th             

Oladipo Tribe

Maxcrosby2419  - Redemption Island           

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Quack's Survivor - Sports Edition

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