Big Brother Stars Game

Hosted By Eyoomarcus

- Big Brother Stars, 17 players battling out for the title.
- Noms will be closed in 3 mins

- Each poll will last 4 mins

- In the event of a tie, will choose who goes between 1 and 2.

- If its a double eviction
The 2 with the highest percentage from noms a and b will go up. If a tie will decide.
2 noms from each poll.

- Even if everyone doesn't give their noms in to me, I'll still put up a poll based on the votes i get in the short amount of time.

- The final 3 poll will be up for 10 minutes.

- The winner will receive 2 gifts of their choice from my shop.

- Season 2 winner gets $15

- Once you have played one stars you can't sign-up if you made f3 in the previous game.

Season 1 winner - Lovelife
Season 1 Fan Fav - Eliserose

Season 2 winner - Hash
Season 2 Fan Fav - Eliserose

Season 3 winner - Lovelife
Season 3 Fan Fav - Bigbrotherdonny

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Season 4 Of Fast Stars
26 postsCreated by EyooMarcus on 107 days 13 hours ago
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107 days 12 hours ago
post skype if yall want
17 postsCreated by EyooMarcus on 107 days 12 hours ago
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107 days 12 hours ago
Fast stars season 3
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107 days 15 hours ago
Fast Stars season 2
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110 days 9 hours ago

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  1. vote to evict ACTIVE47 days 21 hours ago
  2. Vote For Fan Favorite 107 days 11 hours ago
  3. Vote For The Winner107 days 11 hours ago
  4. Vote To Evict107 days 11 hours ago
  5. Noms B107 days 11 hours ago

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