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3197 days 14 hours ago
As a result of district 7 winning another Hunger Games, they have began to train their children in preparation of the games. Festivals begin to take place  featuring wooden statues in memory of District 7's fallen tributes.
3197 days 3 hours ago
The districts become enraged that girls are slaying the Hunger Games every year, insisting the games are rigged. Male riots break out in districts 1, 2, and 5
3196 days 16 hours ago
Cant be helped that females are just 100% better
3196 days 4 hours ago
Lmfao yas!
1925 days 7 hours ago
All districts begin to train tributes for the next games, as it's Volunteer only. There will be no reaping. The districts will choose their FINEST athletes to compete.

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