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Ultimate Stars 4 - Vote for the Winner!

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  1. Philip13\/ nobody luv u
  2. hobo232thanks everyone who voted for me :) i love you all xoxox
  3. 2hillaireusI am a classy boy. :]
  4. SupahheroMaybe if Nerd and 2hill showed more cleavage they could have gotten more votes
  5. WannaBeeFriendsCongrats hobo232 with 571 casted... YOU ARE THE WINNER!
  6. 2hillaireusY'all are crazy. And thank you!
  7. hobo232loving 2hils dress change for the finale ;)
  8. NerdBird44Y'all would've won anyways because I wouldn't want to spam. And yes, I still got you out.
  9. snowflake3This season's been one hell of a fight. I'm glad the spamming's finally over and we can all sit back and crown me the winner =] congrats finalists and everyone in the cast, it's been fun spilling the tea w/ you xoxo
  10. fieryred11Nerd you didnt take me out fyi, i took myself out when me and hobo went up i chose to bow out so my girl hobo could make it to the end and we both as a team could spam her to 1st place. Let it be known it was the wrong choice to not take us to the end cause instead of us spamming separately for ourselves you had us both spamming for one of us. Not the best move by y'all but let the votes decide.
  11. NerdBird44It's been an amazing season & I couldn't be blessed with a more amazing cast. GL to all three of you and may the best PGA member (y'all are all from that, right?) win. <3 xoxo
  12. snowflake3Lol thanks Nerd I tried really hard in that blog < 3
  13. hobo232its been a crazy season as anooying as some people have been and how badly some people have betrayed me im gonna end this with no hard feelings get your beauty rest bitches and ill see you at the finale ;) xoxo
  14. NerdBird44Oh lol
  15. NerdBird44HOBO232!!
  16. WannaBeeFriendsWill be revealed during tomorrow's finale. Good Luck ;)
  17. WannaBeeFriendsI CAN NOW REVEAL..... THE WINNER.......
  18. NerdBird44Ooo, nice. ;)
  20. hobo232well i already got my gorgeous weave and my slammin dress ;) i could use some new eyes or something ;)
  21. WannaBeeFriendsTHE LINES HAVE CLOSED.
  22. NerdBird44What do you want Wanna to gift you, hobo? c;
  23. hobo232OMG the poll is at 2 days lets close this shit so i can get my beauty rest for the finale ;)
  24. NerdBird44But guess what? It wasn't my time to go, so it looks like you should've contacted me! Regardless, it wasn't my fault that you went, it was yours. And again, sorry if this comes across as rude or anything..
  25. CricketsI will be applying for season 5!
  26. hobo232i would vote for crickets :P she gave me a good laugh :P
  27. NerdBird44And I still think that you should've, though, fiery..
  28. hobo232well said fiery. there was no need to contact you at that level because PGA has the numbers so we felt like it was your time to go.
  29. NerdBird44Crickets should honestly win player of the season lol
  30. CricketsWhatever nerd *throws a small tinfoil shaped crown on the floor and steps on it with her foot - oh nerd I found your 4th place crown*
  31. fieryred11Guys come on now we all know i was robbed and the mastermind of it all lets be real here lol just kidding felt left out of this.....let me say tho nerd me and hobo had so much faith in pga that we didnt have any idea we were going up so why would we contact you during that round.
  32. NerdBird44Girl, that's not strategy. That's spamming.
  33. NerdBird44Crickets, please take a seat. Jk! It's the hangriness coming out of me again lol but to your opinion, to your opinion. I will say, however, that I'm not sure how anyone else entertained you. I also think that it's pretty obvious that I was the one who took fiery out, so.. making up my mind? Um, about what? And yeah, no. Spamming isn't my thing, but why should that make me unable to stop? I'm just stating my opinion as a fan since I don't have a shot at winning this anyways xD and never did I EVER say that I played the most strategic game.. EVER.
  34. hobo232crickets dont kill me your strategy was better then most who were even in this game hahaha im rooting for you for season 5 ;)
  35. CricketsYou send fiery home and I'm spamming for hobo to win and you will get 4th - how's that for strategy
  36. CricketsNerd you also talked about the people watching the game from the outside and being entertaining - well I'm on the outside and you didn't entertain me You called everyone but you a floater Took credit for fiery going home You need to make up your mind If your not going to spam for a win then just stop. Most strategic gameplay was not you
  37. NerdBird44That one vlog w/ you as Julie was everything btw. <3
  38. NerdBird44Sorry for the rudeness. I'm just really hangry rn lol
  39. hobo232sorry guys sometimes i get a little crazyyyyy ;)
  40. snowflake3Haha alright Nerd I understand. And LMAOOO HOBO IM GAGGED
  41. hobo232mhmmmmm
  42. NerdBird44OMG. I just couldn't remember your name! Sorry about that xD
  43. hobo232pretty much said at the end who the hell is hobo but youll know who i am once i get my crown ;)
  44. NerdBird44You got crickets after you showed doubt in me. I'm talking about the week before..
  45. NerdBird44That was me rambling off, snow. And didn't I say in the end that we all played a really good game? My vlog isn't the bible; it's not what I go by lol
  46. hobo232i messaged you multiple times and got crickets... no pun intended.
  47. Pieguy555Vote for SnowQueen3
  48. NerdBird44It was dumb of you to act like you did is all I'm saying. And plus, maybe you should talk to me to make sure that I'm not putting you up. Like, maybe you could actually make some social connections the next time you feel in danger..
  49. GoodKarenHi
  51. snowflake3You said in your vlog that 2hill may be a floater but now you're saying she played the best game? I'm just confused is all! And I can't make accusations about the game, say who played the best and who did what because I don't know the entire story
  52. hobo232how would i not have doubts you screwed me over the round before lol i would have been stupid to have any trust in you
  53. NerdBird44And you enjoy 1st, you spam queen. c;
  54. NerdBird44I was going to put up snow and 2hill, hobo, until you showed doubt in me. I was being honest w/ you when I messaged you that.
  55. hobo232BYE NERD. enjoy 4th you vile cockroach ;)
  56. hobo232i also feel just cause someone went unnommed doesnt mean they played the best game by a long shot
  57. NerdBird44Did I ever say that he was your only alliance? Chilleeee, I'm done with this argument. Point, blank, and the period xD
  58. hobo232you get off on getting peoples hopes up anyways going out of your way to message me in final 5 saying youre nomming with me and fiery. when you had no intentions to
  59. NerdBird44Sorry for commenting so much, but the best game was obviously played by 2hill, and she's obviously getting 3rd or 4th (most likely 3rd)..
  60. snowflake3It's cute how you think Jharrin was my only alliance
  61. hobo232i wasnt working with Jharrin so i could have cared less LOL
  62. NerdBird44Too cocky? Y'all, I never said that I played the best game. I said that I had the best balance of what this group game is all about. And Wanna, you are literally the best host ever lol
  63. NerdBird44The shot callers? Yeah, not when I put your ace on the block and sent jharrin home. Bye Felicia.
  64. snowflake3LMAOOO WANNA. Nerd I'm not sure of what you did and didn't control, but you're not sure of what we did either. I liked working with you, but your vlog seemed way too cocky. You weren't the only "mastermind" in this game
  65. NerdBird44Whatever happened, this game is still coming down to Spam City Central. Not participating in it, don't care for it. If that's what this game is going to come down to, then so be it.
  66. hobo232yes and even if you were the swing votes like you said our noms went through each week so pretty sure that makes yall floaters and us the shot callers :P
  67. NerdBird44Um, not really. May and is are different. Like, way different.
  68. WannaBeeFriendsIt's awkward watching this fight and knowing everything that's happened this game. I already know who controlled what and who were swing votes xD I'm not revealing anything. I just like watching people fight. Carry on.
  69. snowflake3Nerd you were the swing vote twice and that was at the final 7 and the final 5. Every other time the PGA had the votes for our noms to go through. And saying that she MAY be a floater is the same thing as calling her one
  70. NerdBird44Chilleeee, I know my shiz. What do you think went down? Lol.
  71. hobo232i think youre very confused about what was going on in this game nerd lol
  72. NerdBird44I never said that 2hill was a floater. Show me the time stamp of when I did. I only said that she may have been because it never seemed like she had the #'s on her side because it always came down to BEN and I as the swing votes..
  73. tenacious__timI voted for hobo.
  74. snowflake3My point is that labeling 2hill as a floater in your vlog because she's never been nommed was unfair, she's anything but a floater. And I never said 2hill didn't deserve to win
  75. NerdBird44And yes, jharrin, I lied to you that early. And hey, look! I'm in the final! Looks like you can't criticize me, boo..
  76. NerdBird44If you really think that it's about how many times someone goes up, snow, then shouldn't 2hill win? Like..
  77. jacob32voted for snow
  78. Ashley837hobo
  79. buddy1230snow flake
  80. EHitta_136Voted hobo
  81. DianneVoted for Snowflake!
  82. snowflake3JHARRIN < 3333 KIARA < 3333
  83. HeathHobo told me to vote for them to win so I did
  84. CricketsHOBO
  85. RobertHsnow
  86. Matthew09NERD ftw
  87. Cricketsnegative
  89. Kiara_xoxoSnowFlake !!!
  90. jharrin7887Nerd 0 min 3rd
  91. hobo232#nerdherd
  92. jharrin7887nerd told me he didn't vote for me and he did. like who the fuck are you? its was like the 3rd round and you already try to make people think you are with them when you are not?
  93. Weetmaster2hill slays all your faves!
  94. jharrin7887hobo you are a fucking bitch, who do you think you are?
  95. Falconbait26Voted a ho with a bo
  96. Crickets#ownedit
  97. hobo232go back to being irrelevant hun xo :) love ya though snow ;)
  98. jharrin78872hil i love you girl, but snow seems to be in the lead. SNOW<3
  99. jharrin7887AHHH 2HIL OR SNOW </3
  100. snowflake3It's not bribery. And at least I'm getting votes by myself and not a 5 person army