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Eviction 9 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote










  1. WannaBeeFriendscherryplop11, You have been evicted from the Ultimate Stars House! It's time to say your goodbyes and go. x
  2. WannaBeeFriendsClosing the Poll with 136 votes. Good Luck!
  3. WannaBeeFriendsClosing the poll at the 21 hour mark.
  4. Arcaninemastervoted
  5. snowflake3I'm pretty sure WannaBee told us we're all new to this season. And technically none of us are new to this game, the "new" hgs have been in the Secret Room since day 1. Argument invalid.
  6. HipposUniteVoted
  7. JosephinaAlexisI am new to the season & I was AUTO nominated, lmao. Nobody nominated me, I just didn't vote in time making me an auto nominee!
  8. cherryplop11Josephina - no you aren;t new? A returning housemate does not class as a new one and you were probably kicked out for a reason!
  9. 1Swampy8Voted!
  10. JosephinaAlexisI am a new person .... what the hell ....
  11. SeaKingvoted
  12. SaundraEvicted Josephina because new people deserve a shot to prove they ain't boring sheep
  13. JacksonWalshSo, my speech. I know I'm probably going home because of inactivity because I was on a trip. But, please. Save me, and this ENTIRE GAME will be shaken up.
  14. Delphii_Wytchvoted
  15. Kiara_xoxovoted gl !
  16. Gkinn1234Cherry
  17. FighterManEvicted cherry
  18. MightyGooberI am going to save JosephinaAlexis, only because she has BeckyG youtube link on her profile. Nailed it.
  19. KingGeekEvicted Cherry
  20. nothingbutroublecherry cya
  21. Willie_evicted cherry
  22. canadiankidvoted
  23. Graneceffectvoted
  24. sportsgeek12Voted
  25. garygbs2ndevicted josephina
  26. beccajo16Voted
  27. CromatiqueVoted
  28. jharrin7887Jul 31, 2015 09:51:46 JosephinaAlexis JosephinaAlexis Hi! Skyler_TWjharrin7887dak236StaryHaliFord Can you please evict "Cherryplop" - ReplyReply All
  29. ImGonnaWinsaved josephina and who she told me to evict :)
  30. JosephinaAlexisPlease Save Me ~*~*~ I'm attacked for no good reason, lmao. They're all just mad because I won't sheep them.
  31. JosephinaAlexis....
  32. mastropolaNone of you deserve to even be there :') I hope you all go xo
  33. ThirteenCount Dracula has voted
  34. FedeBennaSupporting Jax! Saved him!
  35. dragonldy640Voted
  36. honeybunch1voted
  37. WannaBeeFriendsI wanna call cherry... "CHERRYFLOP" for some reason... Omg I'm so mean xD I'm kidding. Ily
  38. ArrisVoted
  39. Mahalpin11voted
  40. hintsSupporting jax
  41. Elvirasupporting white
  42. Leli14Voted :)
  44. Brandt69just here to comment not actually vote :)
  45. DawgVoted
  46. WannaBeeFriendsThis will be a 12 hour Poll. Good Luck.