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Eviction 7 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote




I've played the game knowing full well that I'm not going to win, but I've still tried to put in the effort, something a good portion of those left can't say for themselves. Being nominated against two people I like sucks, but I guess Id like to stay. Gl x


Wonderdog was automatically nominated because he failed to vote. I have stepped up, and if I am able to go back into the house I can make the people who voted for me pay. I still have so much left to do, please keep me and watch me slay.


  1. BENLINUSStill got 21 votes... dang </3
  2. WannaBeeFriendsWonderdog, You have been evicted from the Ultimate Stars House! It's time to say your goodbyes and go. x
  3. WannaBeeFriendsClosing the Poll with 115 votes. Good Luck guys.
  4. BENLINUSMama J needs all the support she can get tbh x :(
  5. 77sparks77Made sure to look after Mama James
  6. sportsgeek12Voted
  7. canadiankidvoted
  8. Peter69wonderdog bye
  9. CromatiqueVoted
  10. konohavillage1Supahhero is hardcore throwing people under the bus so I'll vote him
  11. beccajo16Voted
  12. WpwSers196voted
  13. subfriendVoted gl my friend :)
  14. AnasVoted, gl guys :)
  15. hobo232Bye :)
  16. VaniliVoted
  17. Dannnyvoted
  18. AlaskanFiredragonvoted
  19. LHumeevicted dog
  20. SupahheroWonderdog is literally at 1 day. He has not done anything.
  21. WannaBeeFriendsThis will be a 12 hour poll. Good Luck to all 3 of you.