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Eviction 27 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


I was targeted as a popularity threat since the beginning of the game. I'm trying to play the best as I can. It's so close to the finales so please save me and let me go throgh.
Gl Robby


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I know this speech sucks
but so do you


  1. Brendan05Haha suck dick Arris
  2. Imthtawesomtoo late :(
  3. WannaBeeFriendsArris, You have become the last person to be EVICTED from the Ultimate Stars 3 House. It's time to finally go.
  4. Arrisgl
  5. Robbyjakwell this will be over any minute now so GL arris
  6. Kelly0412Voted
  7. KingGeekSaved my flirt buddy
  8. MasterBsaved robby
  9. __A__voted
  10. pleaseletmestayGl!
  11. Mahalpin11saved arris
  12. Maladus1I saved Robby... b/c why not?
  13. JasonXtremesaved my broski
  14. FairyBossARRIS !!!!!!!
  15. LamiaDone
  16. BaconBaeSaved arris
  17. GetSomeColdCutssaved arris
  18. JamesluSaved Roibby
  19. Tundrasaved the poet
  20. AlyssaBArris <333
  21. JonMcGillisSAVED ROBBY
  22. noah_kondonVoted
  23. Styxxesaved my bae
  24. k4r4kvoted
  25. SilverShadowVoted
  26. Go49ersbye bye robby
  27. coolnarwhal88saved robby
  28. HaydenNicoleEvicted arris
  29. wildboy12saved robby arris has been up a million times lol
  30. Delphii_WytchSaved Arris, Robby's speech was stupid :/
  31. nenalalalasaved robby
  32. IceBeastgl
  33. JesseMSaved Arris
  34. CromatiqueVoted
  35. Carlislesaved the cultist
  36. mrcoolVoted
  37. doodyfulVoted
  38. obscuritysaved robby
  39. krraisvoted!
  40. KaushalEvicted arris
  41. Weblysaved Arris
  42. WannaBeeFriendsThe FINAL eviction. 20 hour poll. good luck