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Eviction 26 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


Well,I tried. But now with Harry having the golden pass The Nom sets are all split up. But if you vote to save me i will Try and Get the Game Back on track for the finals.

Good luck Webly


With these split noms, I ended up going up. These houseguests aren't playing with their minds. How am I supposed to work with people unwilling to work with me? Keep me so I keep spreading the truth in this cast full of liars. GL kgunz. :)


  1. WannaBeeFriendskgunzrok, YOU HAVE BEEN EVICTED from the ULTIMATE STARS HOUSE. it's time to pack up and go.
  2. garygbs2ndsaved Webly
  3. kavallesaved webly gl
  4. HaydenNicoleKgunzrok, well he escaped being nominated every week and was only out because of jkjk
  5. AninnoSaved webly
  6. thecrazybrisaved webly
  7. bbfanatic17voted
  8. Brandonh1Webly
  9. sosyomommavoted
  10. Steven7saved austin
  11. rabbajsaved web
  12. mrkkkkyleSAved Webky
  13. BrenLaSaved webly
  14. SashaBaby2010webly!
  15. CutieAmyfirst one to mail me x
  16. rileythepegasus101Saved my girl
  17. Dane_Williamsgl
  18. neme81Voted
  19. TheLogicsaved Webly!
  20. harrywasnaksaved kgunz
  21. JesseMVoted
  22. honeybunch1voted
  23. ayeelvoted
  24. kgunzrok@HaydenNicole That WHOLE allaince was a Lie. Never inb my fuckinbg LIFE would i team with him. I just SAID iwoudl to boost his ego
  25. Lamiavota
  26. Mevartal@HaydenNicole it was Sackeshi
  27. lliiaammVoted.
  28. HaydenNicoleEvicted that Kgunzrok girl. I remember that she had an alliance with that one annoying I forgot his name.
  29. noah_kondonVoted
  30. TheGreatEyeVoted
  31. JamesluVoted
  32. AlyssaBSaved Webly!
  33. Matedog1209Evicted webly
  34. _ivyyy_445voted gl
  35. Cromatiquesaved kgunz
  36. Petrosaved kgunzrok
  37. krraisvoted
  38. LucyMcG1voted
  39. doodyfulsaved Webly bc of Danielle
  40. SurvivoroftheTocansvoted
  41. Sam_Hamwichvoted
  42. IceBeastgl
  43. SilverShadowVoted
  44. KingGeekVoted
  45. GoodKarenVoted :)
  46. WannaBeeFriends20 hour poll. Good luck Houseguests.