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Eviction 17 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


Oops here again, 2nd time up,  i dont really have alliances anymore because i just end up for eviction anyone so please dont click my button pleaseee :)

GL James and Rocker  :)


i would like to say it has been fun so far but i hope i stay because i would love to make allainces with anyone and would like to shake things up. GL to harry and rocker


The lower levels are naturally just targetting me for my color level. I'm a competitor though and I've successfully dominated the first 16 evictions, please let me send 16 more HG out the door after me, please DONT CLICK MY BUTTON GL Harry/James


  1. CutieAmyomg i missed voting
  2. WannaBeeFriendsJamessmith5 YOU HAVE BEEN EVICTED from The Ultimate Stars House. It's time to say your Goodbyes and go.
  3. Mevartalvoted out james
  4. lliiaammVoted out James
  5. Brendan05Voted out Rocker for being the embodiment of cringe
  6. Pegasus1234voted
  7. _ivyyy_445Voted, GL
  8. JesseMVoted James
  9. SurvivoroftheTocansvoted
  10. __A__voted!
  11. TheGreatEyeVoted.
  12. Maladus1Voted
  13. IceBeastglgl
  14. turney1805voted, and I saved the one with a speech, gl to harry and james!
  15. AlyssaBVoted!
  16. LucyMcG1voted :)
  17. CromatiqueVoted
  18. Jamesluvoted
  19. CharlotteArnoldVoted sorry to who i evicted
  20. coolKatVoted
  21. SilverShadowVoted
  22. MikeROROVoted saved rocker
  23. JasonXtremevoted
  24. jharrin7887LOL WAIT VOTE TO EVICT. why wouldn't it be vote to save? whoops.
  25. jharrin7887saved rocker!!
  26. Thetrumpetman423voted
  27. honeybunch1voted
  28. WannaBeeFriends6 hour poll. Good luck Houseguests.