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Eviction 17 - [The Final Eviction]

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


Well what can I say, it was a great experience spending the last 36 days with you hobo <3  up until this we ran this house.  We always knew only 1 of us could win this.  Please vote to evict me so my bff can win this game and take those liars out.


Well after 36 days they finally had enough brains to get us up together Im not gonna spam against my best friend so any votes saving me are much appreciated. The three people making finals are all lying ass bitches. Good luck beating the survivor in finals


  1. WannaBeeFriendsfieryred11, You have been evicted from the Ultimate Stars House! It's time to say your goodbyes and go. x
  2. WannaBeeFriendsClosing the Final Eviction Poll with 92 votes... Good Luck both of you.
  3. DawgVoted
  4. Kelly0412Saved Hobo
  5. snowflake3I think you fail to realize that our decisions in the game don't shape our characteristics as people. Playing a loyal game doesn't better yourself, so I don't know where the self-entitlement accumulated from. Judging who's disingenuous has nothing to do with the game. There isn't a crowd, let alone a small line of people, that want to surround you, so get off your pedestal.
  6. hobo232its all good everyone is gonna talk like they were the best and they did all this stuff but it is what it is. after this game i wont be speaking to anyone but fiery so i dont really care what anyone has to say :) i dont surround myself with people who arent genuine so Gl to everyone who makes the finals xo
  7. 2hillaireusLOL! I didnt talk much in the PGA because I was working with other people as well, and didnt intend to be loyal to it for long. I let snow suggest the noms to the PGA that we had already discussed on skype to each other, or with our other alliances. I loved it when the PGA would suggest noms that other people were already doing. It was hella cute. And hobo, as for the 1 save you got that day, and blamed mastro for. That was our doing. Me and snow had to split saves between 2 diff alliances LOL. And you getting 1 save was better than none. I told mastro not to talk to you about it & ignore you. So if you and mastro want to kiss and make up, y'all can now. :]
  8. NerdBird44We all deserve this title equally, in my opinion, and it's just going to have to come down to who played a better game. I'd appreciate there being no spamming as it should be about how we played, but I obviously know that whoever survives this eviction is going to be a SPAMtastic finalist for the final...
  9. NerdBird44Just to make some more clarifications, fiery and hobo would've been dead in the water if it wasn't for the decision that BEN and I had made. We were without a doubt the swing votes for a loooong period of time, so much so that I VOLUNTEERED myself to go up on the block just so that Jackson could be sent home. And no, that's not stupid, because it obviously worked! Also, lying and throwing shade is apart of the game, boo, and I slayed at everything this game threw at me, including being one of the underdogs from the start as I was one of the most noob like people in the whole entire game...
  10. honeybunch1voted
  11. pikachu142saved firey
  12. fieryred11haha same, just bought it for tonight ;) 2 hot bitches
  13. snowflake3Congrats on the loyal game, ladies. I wish I could've played as honorable as you 2, but my loyalty would have gotten in the way of making a move that I felt I needed to make. I'm sorry both of you are up together, but I needed to make a game decision. You're both great at the game and I'm glad I got to work with both of you.
  14. hobo232got my eviction dress on lol
  15. fieryred11Let me say this, I really did enjoy playing this game with you 2 girls. I would have loved to be in the final 4 with you both PGA all the way but I play a loyal game and you clearly do not. But to be honest the only one that deserves to be in that final 3 is Snow. 2hill you didnt get nommed cause you weren't a threat and you weren't playing this game you only agreed to what you were told to do this whole game. Not once did you ever put your 2 cents into any nom we ever decided on, for the most part me, hobo and snow made all the moves and you just logged on to vote. Nerd you were a strong player at the first but only got left in this game cause you started school and couldn't come online any more to play. Snow made the right choice by taking you 2 to the finals rather than us both to benefit her game more, probably hoping it would be a final 3 not a final 4. With that being said 1 of us is in the finals so I wish you good luck!!
  16. Arcaninemastervoted
  17. hobo232Yes everyone played there own game. Pga was just a huge help to getting us this far. Like I said I have no hard feelings against either of you. I would just never play the game the way you guys did. You did what you had to to get to end end though so I guess it paid off. Gl in finals xo
  18. snowflake3Hobo and Fiery I like you girls and I respect your honest gameplay, but even you told me early on that I choose the nominees and you put them in. So my strategy was to let you guys decide some nom sets and if I disagreed or if they didn't correlate with my other allies, I'd say something. It's safe to say neither of us were in control 100% of the time and didn't "run" the game, especially with the twists. I'm not bashing your games at all, that's why we put you 2 up together. But we played our own games seperate from PGA.
  19. hobo232Thanks to everyone who has voted for either of. Regardless of what happened I did love playing this game with everyone even with people who betrayed me. It's only a game and I've had so much fun :).
  20. CricketsI voted. Best of Luck to Both of you & Congratulations on making it this far and being the true survivors of this game! You guys were an awesome team and its so hard to see the two of you up together! Best of luck girls <3
  21. CromatiqueVoted but it was hard choice :(
  22. JesseMVoted, good luck <3
  23. gagaluvvoted
  24. hobo232Let me clarify something for everyone. Pga ran this game from day one all working together. Although it was myself and fiery who chose most of the nominates with help from the other members. We also pulled in the side players as well as were the ones who created the originals alliance. Just because hil went unnommed and you were only nommed for not nomming means nothing. You both played a shady and not honest game. There's no hard feelings against you. If that's how you wanna play the game and that's what it took to make it to then end good job. At least I can say I was honest to my true alliance memebers. As for pga I was the founder so props to me.
  25. snowflake3Just for clarification, 2Hill and I ran the house. Chels has NEVER been nommed and I was nommed once for not nominating, no one collectively voted me in. We all ran it together as the PGA, but Chels and I ran it all the way. Good luck gals!
  26. Leli14Voted :-)
  27. mastropolaEVICTED FIERY!111!!!1111!!1111
  29. konohavillage1aw :( good luck
  30. Daytimesaved fiery
  31. skittleshark101saved hobo
  32. lexibearHad to save my baby fireyred
  33. acyutagl you too seem to be really close.. :)
  34. get_right71voted
  35. Weetmasterbye hobo
  36. canadiankidvoted
  37. beccajo16voted
  38. joshie1Voted
  39. WannaBeeFriendsThis will be a 14 Hour Poll! Good Luck!