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Eviction 15 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote




So they think I'm a threat. There's a big allience going on, some of our people are not really voting with us. So they finally got me. I hpe you can save me so I can shake this race and even do some drama!


This game has been difficult when everyone targets the highest color level, aka TV Star. I'm nommed beacause I AM a threat, and people are afraid of what I'm capable of doing in this game. Save me and I will prove just how big of a threat I am!


  1. WannaBeeFriendsiiAmazing & SmoothStalker12 sadly, you are both evicted from the Ultimate Stars house. It's time to go.
  2. BBlover96LOL bye
  3. _ivyyy_445iiAmazing because it doesn't look like he's trying..
  4. JesseMVoted IIAmazing
  5. CromatiqueVoted
  6. honeybunch1voted
  7. GoodKaren iiAmazing Karma: 333 Played: 471 times Last Activity: 2 days ago I think I know who to vote
  8. ShonaynayEvicted the person on 2 days :D
  9. SkooterEYZVoted
  10. JamesluVoted
  11. JasonXtremeVoted
  12. CutieAmyme
  13. Delphii_Wytchvoted
  14. ayeelvoted
  15. WannaBeeFriendsGuigi, do I have to call security again? I will doooo it.
  16. LamiaBye
  17. GuigiRIGGED
  18. doodyfulVoted
  19. StyxxeVoted
  20. TheGreatEyeVoted
  21. SilverShadowvoted
  22. HaydenNicoleEvicted Arris
  23. SurvivoroftheTocansVoted
  24. pizzawithcookirsVoted
  25. AlaskanFiredragoni have decided
  26. JordanForRealVoted
  27. Kelly0412Voted
  28. AlyssaBVoted! Good luck!!
  29. XxHeroxXVoted <3 Good luck
  30. WannaBeeFriends12 HOUR POLL. DOUBLE EVICTION. Good Luck houseguests.