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Eviction 12 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote












  1. JacksonWalshHeh. Ben, you have fun with Nerd, Snowflake, Supah, Hobo, and Fiery on your side of the house.
  2. WannaBeeFriendsJacksonWalsh, You have been evicted from the Ultimate Stars House! It's time to say your goodbyes and go. x
  3. WannaBeeFriendsClosing the Poll with 94 votes. Sorry I was sidetracked. I'm watching Poltergeist.
  4. BENLINUSTaking your name bitch
  5. pikachu142evicted benlinus
  6. SupahheroLol at all the men of the house being up for evictions
  7. Anasvoted :)
  8. ArcaninemasterVoting
  9. BENLINUSSo you can keep showing screenshots to conversations which I've already told others I'm having... whilst denying you sent this mail To which you then claimed to Hobo that I sent the mail... then you claimed to me you have some close final 3 deal with Snow... then you claim that Snow wants me out and told you to vote for me... then you throw Tomb's name under the bus saying she was the one stirring the shit. Keep lying, you made your bed and you can lie in it
  10. BENLINUSAnd I've got all the screenshots from what you sent. The only difference is I informed my side of what I was doing XD so you trying to make out im hiding that isn't gonna work
  11. BENLINUSLmao people know this already lmao.
  12. JacksonWalshI'm fucked because Ben lied. Seriously dude, fuck you.
  13. JacksonWalshHey. Ben. Ready to have your secret revealed? You've been... talking to TombRaiderZ. Sent me this: And her this: KARMA! KARMA!
  14. aiwfwyattrohVoted
  15. MikeROROVoted
  16. Lamiavotd
  17. felipe123evicted jackson
  18. Graneceffectvoted
  19. Missalice3I was sent to defeat A PIECE OF LETTUCE!
  20. canadiankidvoted
  21. AndThenThereWasOnesorry jackson!!!
  22. BBlover96I was sent to exterminate a rodent
  23. EoinEvicted Jackson! :S
  24. BENLINUSUm considering 7 people said they would nom you, with one forgetting... Yes you should be here
  25. JacksonWalshAnd Ben. Bullshit must be your middle name, because I had no part in whatever you are saying.
  26. JacksonWalshUm... I actually shouldn't be here. Nerd, by not voting, you sent me here.
  27. VaniliVoted
  28. SaundraEvicted Jackson for being a boring ass bitch
  29. beccajo16Voted
  30. FernandoJuliantovoted
  31. BENLINUSI would like to make the obvious plea to evict Jackson from the game. Jackson is possibly the least intelligent player out here... Why? He joins a game and seems to think he's involved in an alliance when he's being used... When you're offered a chance to achieve your own power, you don't bow down to those that already have it. He's not only a waste of a housemate, but one who is just going to keep the game going down a boring and predictable track. As for Whiteboy, I suggest you vote to evict Jackson too, as he's openly campaigning against you and your supposed newbie alliance. Be smart and rid yourselves or a blind and deluded member
  32. hobo232Voted xo
  33. konohavillage1Jesus
  34. NerdBird44BENLINUS and Supahhero are amazing people, so I'm obviously saving them. Jackson, though? He's just here for drama, NOOB drama. And while it may be cute and adorable to some, it's annoying and dull and boring to other people like me. WhiteBoy isn't even playing this game while this is my first time not nominating (as the host gave me the worst 12 hours to do so, I still love her xD). So really, who should you vote to evict? The answer is easy. Vote to evict Jackson or WhiteBoy, the two people who out of this list are playing really pathetic games atm. GL to the rest. < 3
  35. Daytimevoted
  36. Cromatique*Voted
  37. CromatiquevOTED
  38. SupahheroWhiteBoy has failed to nominate twice now. While I would kill for the chance to actually play the game. Please save me so I can survive this twist and play again.
  39. honeybunch1voted
  40. JacksonWalshSo, my speech: I know what happened this week. I, along with some others, put up Ben and Nerd. Nerd didn't nominate. Guess who went up instead? Keep me, and evict Ben or Nerd. Supah is a good player, I will keep this game interesting, and WhiteBoy... eh. Don't know about him. Well, GL guys.
  41. WannaBeeFriendsThis will be an 8 Hour Poll. Good Luck Guys!