Welcome to Music Taste! After the success of the blog game, we have expanded to a fully-fledged group game!

How this game works, is that each contestant will submit a song based on a theme decided each day by the judges.

The judges will then carefully listen and assess all the entries before deciding who submitted the best and worst songs of the pass, with one or two Tengagers being eliminated each round.

We are looking for 16 contestants to enter the competition.

Introducing the judges:

ALFIE [crazybone5000]
ZACH [zach3051]
BRADEN [FromAWindow]

1. Saginator18
2. ahea7561
3. LeXXXy
4. stuartlittle16
5. tbrown_47
6. J4ckWilko
7. ilovetosing
8. Hong
9. Chels052_
10. mysterygame2
11. Jameslu
12. EvictionFreak
13. Mrkk
14. connorthomson
15. ouijake
16. CarolinaSteele

-Hall of Fame-

Music Taste S1: Mrkk
Music Taste S2: Saginator18

Featured Players 12 playing

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Round 10: Heterophobia
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Guilty Pleasures Results
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48 days 7 hours ago

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  5. Tribal Council 2 (After Merge)2266 days 22 hours ago

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