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Immunity Challenge #13: Stairway To Heaven & Hell

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10 days 18 hours ago
Immunity Challenge #13: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN & HELL

For your FINAL immunity challenge, your true will to win is being put to the test. In order to secure this final immunity you will be climbing your way to heaven and back to hell. The player who completes the most amount of steps will win and here's how it works.

On our go you will have 24 hours to complete your stairway.
In order to place steps you must take the following actions in your challenge chat with prod.
The order goes:
"Grabs Step #1"
"Places Step #1"
"Grabs Step #2"
"Climbs Step #1"
"Places Step #2"
"Steps Down Step #1"
"Grabs Step #3"
"Climbs Step #1"
"Climbs Step #2"
"Places Step #3"
"Steps Down Step #2"
"Steps Down Step #1"
"Grabs Step #4"

And so on making sure you climb up each step before you place your newest step and then Stepping Down each step to retrieve your next step. The player who climbs the highest over the next 24 hours will win the final immunity of the season!

If you have any questions feel free to ping production in your CHALLENGE CHATS on Discord. No Parenthesis, capitalization, or quotations are necessary for this challenge, but the # and correct words are.

You will have until 8:15pm EST tomorrow (8/4) to submit!
9 days 18 hours ago

Chris: 52
Coco: 0
Kev: 79
Will: 151

With a score of 151, WILL WINS IMMUNITY! But I also want to note that you guys KILLED it today, I have seen you guys working hard on this challenge and you all deserve praise for that amount of effort.

You have until 9:15pm EST to submit your vote for tribal. If there is a tie, we will have a “fire making challenge” with the two players.

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