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Immunity Challenge #12: Specific Star Search | One World

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12 days 17 hours ago

For this challenge, you will be searching for tengaged users to fit the categories below, but it is your choice what you want to find! Each category is worth a different amount of points, and has a limit on how many users you can find for that category. Whoever gains the most points wins the challenge!

You can only find a maximum of 20 USERS, so you must think wisely how you want to distribute them.

If you choose the same user for the same category as another user, those answers will cancel out! And you cannot use the same user for different categories. If you have a certain user for category A and another person has that user for category B, that is okay. It just cannot be the same within the same category.

A)  TV Star level Users that start with S. (worth 2 points) (20 slots)
B)  A user with karma between 1000 and 1300 (worth 5 points) (15 slots)
C)  Users with over 15 letters and/or numbers in their username (worth 10 points) (10 slots)
D)  Played exactly 105 games (worth 20 points) (7 slots)
E)  Skeleton users who have been gone more than 250 days that are above (and not including) TV Star level (worth 35 points) (5 slots)
F)  A user with only numbers in their username that are not a skeleton (worth 50 points) (3 slots)
G)  A user with a full avi of a character from the show “The 100” (worth 70 points) (1 slot)

Just below are 4 bonus questions where you could double some points. These aren’t their own separate categories, they must apply to a user in the above A-G categories. There is no limit to how many you can apply to these, you just need to specify that the user applies to this.

Overall, everyone has a limit of 20 users for this challenge, so it must stay within that. The bonus questions are just added things you can find within categories.

For example:
B -  A user with karma between 1000 and 1300 (worth 5 points) + #2 bonus= Silver level with 7 pages of friends (x2)
If you find a user that can fit BOTH of these, the 5 points gets multiplied by two = you get 10 points for that user.

You can't just find users that fit the bonus questions though, they have to be applied to users they find for the other categories.

#1  Has exactly 5213 karma (x3 points)
#2  Silver level with 7 pages of friends (x2 points)
#3  Completely blank avi; no full avi or body or anything, just a background (x4 points)
#4  A multiple-times stars winner; must link the games as proof (x4 points)

- You are only finding a max of 20 users
- You cannot repeat using users for different categories
- Must clarify which users qualify for the bonus points

No sharing answers with anyone! If we catch you doing so, you will be penalized.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, August 2nd at 8:30pm EST. Good luck F5!

**credit to AJ/Zorbo678 for naming the challenge and helping a girl out!
11 days 17 hours ago

Chris: 215
Kev: 509
Will: 27

With 509, Kev wins immunity! Since this is the F5, Kev is receiving the last clue to the hidden immunity idol as this is THE LAST TRIBAL COUNCIL TO USE AN IDOL/ADVANTAGE! Votes are due at 8:00pm EST Wednesday, August 3rd.

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