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Immunity Challenge 3 | New Zealand

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15 days 18 hours ago
Challenge 3: GOOD KARMA

For this challenge, I will be asking each tribe for a specific karma total on Tengaged. As a tribe, you guys will have to scour Tengaged to find users' karma that will get your cumulative tribe total as close to the given karma amount as possible.

Example: I’m looking for 1,000 karma

My List Submission: . 147 46 . 276 . 155 . 162 . 139 . 41 . 111 . 106 . 95

Total: 1,278 (In this case, I’d be 278 karma away from my goal).

*The only catch is you will need at least TEN active users to make up your karma list (I will accept skeletons). The users just can’t be banned. If you don’t have at least ten, then your submission won’t count.

**You are allowed to go over the given karma limit or under, it’s just whichever tribe is closest to the target karma goal will win the challenge.

***When sending your karma totals, you must make a list with all the tengaged user links that you are using.

If there is a tie somehow, the tribe that sent their submission first will break the tie in their favor.

While doing the challenge, you must vote for Safe Haven/Idol Isle.

Ka Mutu: I’m looking for 98,427 karma
Atamai: I’m looking for 98,427 karma

Good luck guys! You guys got until 11pm EST tonight to complete this challenge. No sit outs are needed today. Let me know if you guys have any questions
15 days 18 hours ago
Can we use people in the season
15 days 15 hours ago

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