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Immunity Challenge 6 | Santorini

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7 days 13 hours ago
*Everybody Drop Your Buffs*

YOU HAVE MERGED! Congratulations, you guys can feel free to come up with your own merge tribe name. With that, the advantage dilemma twist is over for the season:

Challenge 6: AT THE RACES (here’s how it works):

Welcome to the Survivor Horse Races! Today, 15 horses will race, even though you all already know the outcomes of the races.

Horse #1: 15 points
Horse #2: 14 points
Horse #3: 13 points

You will choose three horses to bet on! The catch? If you and someone else pick the same horse, you split those points!

For example, if two players picked Horse #2, they’d both receive 7 points.

The player with the most points wins individual  immunity and the first clue to the merge hidden immunity idol which will be hidden after the challenge. The merge idol will have NO catch like the pre-merge ones.

You guys will have 12 hours to complete this challenge just because it’s picking horses and I’d like to make up some time with the game as we're in the merge.

*You are allowed to share your horse selection picks with the other players as this is a competition that involves great strategy. What you decide to share with others is up to you.

**If there’s a tie, the player who submitted first will break the tiebreaker and will win this challenge.

Good luck guys! Let me know if you have any questions!

DEADLINE: Nov 20th @7:30am EST. Tribal will be up straight away and you’ll have 12 hours to vote due @7:30pm EST.
7 days 13 hours ago
Credits to me for the challenge :)
7 days 1 hour ago
Challenge 6: AT THE RACES Results (here’s how it works):

Julio: Horse 1, 6, 8
Yung: Horse 3, 10, 11
Ryan: Horse 7, 10, 12
Jay: Horse 3; Horse 7, Horse 13
Tony: Horse 4, Horse 9, Horse 11
Nopalito: Horse 1, Horse 2, Horse 3
Tris: Horse 6, Horse 7, Horse 8
Liam: Horse 1, Horse 8, Horse 11

Horse 1 was picked by Julio, Nopalito and Liam. They each get 5 points.
Horse 2 was picked by Nopalito. He gets 14 points
Horse 3 was picked by Yung, Jay and Nopalito. They each get 4 points (to make things fair).
Horse 4 was picked by Tony. He gets 12 points
Horse 5 was picked by nobody.
Horse 6 was picked by Julio and Tris. They each get 5 points.
Horse 7 was picked by Ryan, Jay and Tris. They each get 3 points.
Horse 8 was picked by Julio, Tris and Liam. They each get 2 points (again to make things fair)
Horse 9 was picked by Tony. He gets 7 points.
Horse 10 was picked by Yung and Ryan. They each get 3 points.
Horse 11 was picked by Yung, Tony and Liam. They each get 1 point.
Horse 12 was picked by Ryan. He gets 4 points
Horse 13 was picked by Jay. He gets 3 points
Horse 14 and 15 weren’t picked.

Nopalito: 23
Tony: 20
Julio: 12
Tris: 10
Ryan: 10
Jay: 10
Yung: 8
Liam: 8
Tylor: Didn’t Submit
Ravioli: Didn’t Submit

Congratulations Nopalito! With 23 points, you have won individual immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final 9 (+ first merge idol clue). For the rest of you guys, I got nothing but a date with me at tribal council where one of you will be the seventh person voted out of this game. To keep on pace for this week, you will only have 11 hours (7:30pm EST) to decide who that’ll be.

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