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Brady’s Survivor S2: Santorini (FvF)

Congratulations to Robert (Robson704) on winning Brady’s Survivor S1: Indonesia!

After an incredible first season, Brady’s Survivor returns to the beautiful island of Santorini. Santorini is known for being one of the most beautiful islands in the world. However, it has also been home to some active volcano eruptions including the Minoan eruption, which was one of the largest eruptions in the world. The island of Santorini can be peaceful one minute and chaotic the next, perfectly resembling the theme of season two! 16 castaways will encounter some choices where they can make some friends or enemies for benefits in the game along the way.  Will these castaways be selfless and make a friend or be devious and potentially make an enemy? Who will outplay, outwit and outlast the rest to become Brady’s 2nd Sole Survivor?

Brady (CoachWade)
Dan (Dwipeouts)
Rodolfo (Rodulph) {Our Incredible Logo Maker}


7 are left! Who will be voted out tonight?

MINOAN {Pink Buffs} (7/10)
Julio (OhNatalie)
Liam (Liamdonahue_55)
Ravioli (Washed_Ravioli)
Ryan (Ryan5676)
Tony (Tonym101101)
Tylor (Bamold1999)
Yung (Yunggunzkeep18)

Brady’s Survivor S2: Santorini — Friends vs Foes Placements
16th: Tyler (Tbart) (4-2-2). Evimero-- Day 2
15th: Tim (Lionsden121) (4-2-1). Evimero--Day 4
14th: Xkahdonean (DwarfLordXkahdonean). (5-3). Epizo-- Day 6
13th: X (FireX). (5-1). Evimero-- Day 6
12th: Rohan (Rohanprabhu) (4-1-1). Evimero, Evimero— Day 8
11th: Paul (Paul028) (2-2/2-0). Epizo, Evimero— Day 10
10th: Tris (TMAN54445) (9-1). Epizo, Epizo, Minoan— Day 11
9th: Jay (Peterparker16) (5-4). Evimero, Epizo, Minoan— Day 13.  First member of jury.
8th: Nopalito (NopalitoLegend01). (3-2-*2-1) Epizo, Epizo, Minoan— Day 15. Second member of jury.

*represents idol play
**represents self-vote

11/27:Tribal Votes Due by 7:30pm EST
Non-Live Challenge Posted Concluding Tribal
11/28: Challenge Due by 7:30pm EST
11/29: Tribal Votes Due by 7:30pm EST
Non-Live Challenge Posted Concluding Tribal (Only 12 hour time to do it).
11/30: Challenge Results @7:30am EST
11/30: Tribal Votes Due by 7:30pm EST
11/30: LIVE CHALLENGE— Would prefer to do it on this day, but I’ll be flexible.

Featured Players 14 playing

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Brady’s Survivor S2: Santorini (FvF)

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