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173 days 6 hours ago
^This is what I meant by owning your shit and the reason I came down so hard on you in the beginning because you were giving us so much fluff, placing the blame game, and it seemed all about you and chris. I had to treat this like an interrogation or we wouldn’t have gotten this out of you. My whole point was for you to explain if you “snaked people and controlled the game”, then tell me how. I think you have changed a lot of the jurors perception now about your positioning in this game, and the votes may be a lot closer than anticipated, thank you for this.
173 days 3 hours ago
If you don't win who would you "like" to lose to and why??


Hi Wender!! Love your question

Okey, of course i want to win and I feel i desserve to win... but i'm most likely not going to so... who would I like to lose to and why?

I think both of my fellow finalists have been really good players but, in my opinion, they have played 2 different games. While Chris was orchestrating all from the shades and surviving the rounds, Coco was always in the front line and yet he's (idk if coco is a he honestly) in the final 3.

I would preffer to lose to Coco for that reason, I think taking big riskes and playing hard, but reaching the end should have some type of reward... in this case, winning.

with that being said, I hope this helps your decision, but please consider my speech + other questions to cast your vote... not only this answer.

thank you :D
173 days 2 hours ago
I have casted my vote for who I feel played the best game gl to all you fuckin 🐍 🤭❤️
173 days 2 hours ago
Hi Wender!

If you don't win who would you "like" to lose to and why??

I personally would rather lose to Chris and here's why. When I first met Willie, I instantly knew we clicked and we got along and for the first few rounds we had a ton of personal and game related discussions. But then... that Will disappeared for most of the rest of the season. Unfortunately, most of the time we could barely discuss plans, because he'd just come online, ask me who to vote for, and then go offline. I would like to express that it was NOT every round, there were times when he was actively talking.. but I feel like there were quite a few occasions, when he just asked who to vote for and that's it. Also when I mentioned Will to other players, from what I remember they said "Will barely talks to me".

On the other hand, I believe Chris was active every round. There is a difference between laying low and being inactive. Chris was talking to me every single round, we talked for hours every day. I know he was actively thinking about the game and what he could do next and discuss what we would tell people. There was never a single round where Chris was just simply saying: Who to vote for? and that's it. He was helping me a lot, but he was also playing his own game. All in all, If I had to lose, then I PERSONALLY would rather lose to Chris and not just simply, because he was my duo, but because in my eyes he showed a lot more dedication.
173 days ago
Hey Wender,

I would rather lose to Coco because I feel that he had a good grasp on the game as he was always thinking ahead, and many people trusted him in the game which ultimately ended up being their downfall. Coco showed he was competitive in this game and that he was willing to do whatever it took to get to the end. Despite Coco being my duo, I would rather lose to Coco as opposed to Will because he worked hard to get here.
172 days 22 hours ago
Ummm i worked hard too wtf
172 days 22 hours ago
I did not float but anyways, gl jury deciding

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