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175 days 18 hours ago
Let’s welcome our finalists! Chris, Coco, and Will you guys have gone as far as you needed to go in this game.

Please welcome in our jury: Cody, Blu, Jay H, Wender, Luke, Jay M, Ben, and Kev voted out at the last tribal council.

Now the power shifts to the jury. 8 people that you all had a hand in voting out of this game will decide your fate tonight. Finalists, you must make an opening speech. Once those are done, the jurors will ask any questions/statements to help determine this season's winner!

Jurors: Votes are Due Sunday August 7th @8pm EST

*Reunion will be Sun August 7th @8pm EST following deadline for votes*

Good luck guys!
175 days 11 hours ago
175 days ago
Hi everyone,

The first thing that I want everyone to know is that while I did have an alliance with Jay H, I joined this game with Coco, and he has been my Final 2 since Day 1 of this game. Coco and I were each other’s informants throughout this game as we always compared notes on what each person was telling us versus the other person. Despite that, I started this game really on the outs because while I did have to socialize with everyone, I knew I was not in the majority alliance. To get a better understanding of what was going on in the majority alliance Coco was my informant as he told me about his alliance with Blu, Cody, Kevin, Jay, and Matty. On the flip side, I was trying to get a minority alliance started so around this time I started an alliance with Lorenzo, Jay M, and Devyn. My strategy early in the game was to lay low and not say as much information and let people tell me information instead. Being added to the Crazy Eight chat created by Niko I knew was just for show because there were people in the group that I did not have a game relationship with and for the sake of my game I did what I had to do to survive for those first three tribal councils. The only person that I pushed for early in the game was for Ruby to go because I knew I did not have a strong relationship with him, and I was aware that he had a stronger relationship with Cody and Jay H. It was around this time that I started to talk more game with Blu, Cody, Jay H., Luke, and Ben as well.

It was around the time that we were attending our fourth tribal council when my game really started to change from laying low to playing the game. This tribal council was scary for me because I panicked when I was informed by Coco that Blu had thrown my name out there as being UTR and being social because I felt that was putting a target on my back and I already knew that Cody and Blu were close, so it made me feel very wary. The original plan for the tribal council was for Cody to go because I was aware of all the alliances that Cody was in, but it wasn’t until Jay H came to me and we discussed the plan of voting out Matty and I realized that voting out Matty over Cody was much better for my game because I had no game relationship with Matty compared to Cody. I knew Matty would be going home during this tribal, and while I knew Niko was a loyal player, I also knew down the line he would be a threat when it came to challenges so Coco and I discussed who would change up their votes so that he would go home over Devyn.

It wasn’t until after the tribal council where Matty and Niko went home that I really became public enemy number one because I had exposed a Final 2 offer that Blu had proposed when I shared it with Ben. Looking back this was not a smart move on my part because by sharing this information it put a target right on my back. I knew that Blu wanted me gone because I was being told everything by Coco and at that point, my best move was to adapt and try to figure out how to navigate myself in this game if people are starting to distrust me. Cody was another person who started to distrust me because we had a joint call with Jay H, and I believed he developed the assumption that we were a duo in this game.  Looking back this was another moment in the game that put a target on me without even realizing it. While Jay H and I were in an alliance together, they were not my final two in this game despite how far I wanted to go with them.

During the tribal council where Devyn was voted out, it was the first time in the game that I had to campaign for myself because I knew that Blu was talking to Coco about getting rid of me and I knew Cody was as well. Devyn tried to trick me during this round by saying Wender was saying that I was the threat in the game, but Coco was able to inform me that Devyn was giving information to Blu about things I shared with her. I was paranoid during this round, and to save myself I screenshotted a message of Devyn saying Wender claiming I was a threat and sent it Wender to get his trust. I spent a lot of time talking to Ben as well because I knew that my fate in this game came down to Wender and Ben because Cody and Devyn were pushing for me to go.

Going into the jury phase of the game I felt the perception of me was that I was not trustworthy and that anything I said would be misconstrued as a lie. During the first round, I knew that it was going to be either me or Cody going home at Tribal. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t paranoid because after realizing that Devyn had tried to snake me the previous round, I realized that I needed to actively talk to people in the game to make sure that numbers were on my side. In the jury phase of the game, I had an alliance with Coco, Kevin, Luke, and Will that was discussed but not formed until later. My paranoia during this tribal council was on hinge because I knew Kevin had the idol from earlier in the game, but I had to trust the numbers were on my side regardless because I knew people wanted Cody out. After Coco won the immunity challenge, we spent a lot of time looking for the idol together and we were able able to find it together as I found Part 1 and Coco found Part 2, and we discussed that we would use it on either of us if we were ever in danger of going home. 

It was during my only individual immunity challenge win in the game that I started to think of the perception of me in the game and my best way of moving forward. I contemplated voting with Blu when he was voted out because I realized he could be a shield for me in the game, and I already knew that people in the game were after me and did not trust me. At this point in the game, my closest allies were Coco, Luke, and Jay H. It sucked to be painted as a villain because I didn’t know what I had done to warrant that perception at the time. It was my conversation with Blu that made me feel better about myself in the game for the mistakes that I made up until the point.

The most difficult round for me personally this entire game was voting out Jay H because I tried to push for Wender to go home that round instead as Luke was onboard originally and Coco was down for the plan as well because he knew that Jay H was a number for me and no one really trusted me at that point outside of Coco. While I wanted to bring Jay H much further with me in the game, I knew the votes wouldn’t be there to save them, so I was upfront with them about it. It was during the time that Jay H was voted out that Coco tested Luke to see where his loyalties were because Luke turned on me.

Luke was someone in this game that I trusted long-term in this game, and once I found out that he wanted me gone that’s when I realized that I didn’t really have a solid ally left in the game aside from Coco. I was aware that Jay M, Luke, Ben, and Wender were all voting for me during the dark round, and to save myself both Coco and I agreed that we would use the idol to get out Wender.

After Wender was voted out, I tried to play along with Luke that I was still with him and that I had no idea he was after me, but I was pretty sure he knew what was going at that point. The Final Seven Tribal Council was a do-or-die situation for me in this game because I knew that this could be the point where I do go home because I knew that people were already aware that an idol had been played and that if I were to go to anyone on the other side and give information then that information could be used against me to the point where I could go home. I had to sit back and let Coco lie to Will about Luke being untrustworthy and making promises about going to the Final 3. I knew that Will was the swing vote in this situation, and I also knew if I had gone directly to Will in this situation and proposed why he should keep in this game then he would not believe me over Coco. As a result, I let Coco take control and I laid low so I could survive the vote.

After Luke was voted out, Kevin, me, Will, and Coco had agreed to a Final 4 deal. I knew that I couldn’t trust Ben and Jay M because they had already voted for me twice and Ben had shared information with Blu earlier in the game that put a target on me. The next two tribal councils were straightforward, and I told both Jay M and Ben that I was voting for them both before they left because it did not make sense to break the loyalty that I formed with my Final 4 deal.

The Final 4 was a complicated situation because both Will and Kevin trusted Coco more than they trusted me. This made me feel that I could go in a tie-breaker unless I won immunity, but it wasn’t until Will shared with me that he wanted Coco out that Kevin and I discussed getting out Will. However, once Will won immunity this made the situation more complicated because Kevin and I had already spoken of possibly getting rid of Will earlier, but once Will won immunity the target changed to me or Kevin going. Ultimately, I did manage to survive this tribal council.

Lastly, I came into this game with the intention of being composed and calm while trying to get information from other people rather than trying to give out information to other people. My strategy had to change when I started to become a target for people. My strategy for this entire game has been about building relationships even when people couldn’t trust me, integrating myself into alliances, and navigating around different obstacles that came my way during the game. There were times in this game when I had to campaign for myself actively, and there were times in this game that I had to keep quiet because I couldn’t share my plans otherwise people might use that information against me since people viewed me as a villain or untrustworthy. I was on the chopping block five times during this game, and I managed to sit here at every tribal council and survive it and know who was going home every single time. I may not have played the flashiest game, but I played an adaptable game with the cards that had been dealt against me. I talked with every single person in this game because even if you’re in the minority or majority no one should ever feel isolated in this game and there were times that I did feel like I was on the outs but at the end of the day I never gave up. I’m glad I got the chance to know all of you and I look forward to answering any questions you have.
174 days 23 hours ago
Hi Jury!

I’ll start with 2 crucial statements, because I feel like these are important points of my game.
1. I know that I lied to all of you that are on the jury and even to my fellow finalists many times, but never once did I do it to hurt someone personally. Everything I’ve done in this game was strictly strategic and I did to get my secret day 0 Duo and myself to the end.
2. The truth is Chris and I have joined together and we have been the secret duo controlling most of this season. We successfully managed to get to the end without being exposed a single time.

Now I’d like to tell the Jury what I’ve done in this game from Day 1 and once again I’d like to apologize aforehand, because I lied a TON, however I own it, I own my gameplay.

I came into the game wanting to be very social at first and not necessarily dictate the votes, but just mainly observe. Observe how people operate, observe how they are playing under pressure (like do they get paranoid? etc.) I also wanted to build strong 1 on 1 bonds, so when time comes, I could use those 1 on 1 bonds to my advantage, which I feel like I successfully made happen.

Coming into this game I knew Chris and we had to hide that we are a duo, so when I saw Kevin in the game, I instantly knew people would consider him and I more of a duo, which I let people believe. Him and I worked together this whole time and voted together up until F4. I also met Willie in this game and we instantly hit it off. I really liked him and we created the Willie+Coco 13/9 duo and stayed loyal to each other throughout this entire game. Luke was the 4th person I really felt like I got very close to. Just like with Willie, we instantly hit it off and he was awesome to chat with throughout this game. I really enjoyed chatting with him and also working with him in this game.

The reason why I highlighted these players, because on Day 2 I told myself in the confessionals: I will be making a deep run with these players and I will be making sure that we reach the end together, except if someone flipped on us (which Luke did). Another main reason I highlighted them is because the main part of my gameplay early on was solidifying very strong 1 on 1s with them. I said DAY 2 that I will be getting to the end with these players and I managed to make that happen, because we took control over like every round behind the scenes.

One of my biggest behind-the-scenes moves very early on was securing Willie’s complete trust. So, Cody made a 4-person-alliance with me, Blu, Kevin and I, however, I found out that Cody also created a chat with Will, Chris, Jay M and I used that knowledge to my advantage. I went to Willie and I lied to him that something is making me nervous and that I don’t want to keep secrets from him. I told him that he was my closest ally and that I have to tell him the truth that Cody made an alliance chat of me/blue/kevin/i. He was shocked and then admitted to me that Cody also made an alliance of Jay M/Chris/Him. This was an EXTREMELY crucial point of my game because from here on, I got Will’s trust and he voted with me every single time and he stayed loyal the whole time, even when he should have 100% flipped on me.

Another important part of the very early game was intentionally telling Luke that he was in danger and that I was upset about it and was trying to find a way to save him. I feel like this move on my part helped me establish a strong game-related bond with him.

During the early rounds, Kevin shared it with me that he had found the pre-merge idol. Knowing this information was really helpful for me and it proved to me that Kevin did consider me his closest ally.

During the first 3 votes, I voiced my ideas but I didn’t flat out control the rounds. I did have some control over Lorenzo’s eviction as I was hard pushing for him.

One of the most important early rounds in which I had a lot of control was Final 14 aka the double eviction. By that point I had an alliance of 6 with Matty/Cody/Kevin/Blu/Jay H./Me. Chris’s name was thrown out HARD in that alliance chat, especially by Matty/Blu, so I instantly told him and we knew we had to try and get some of them out. Chris went on call with Jay H. (by that time he knew about everything, but Jay H. also admitted it to him) and fortunately Jay H. wanted to push for Matty.
I shared the entire plan with Kevin, Luke and Will. Meanwhile I knew from Chris that Jay H. got other people on board with this plan. I knew where every vote was going to land and I recognized it would be a 8-2-2-2.  I realized that there would be too many votes on Matty. So, I made a MOVE here.
I knew my alliance of Blu/Cody/Kevin/Me expected us to vote for Niko, but by that point I put the plan in action to get rid of Matty. However, I knew where every vote would land, so I knew that Matty would be leaving regardless. So, I went behind my „real alliance’s back and I ended up convincing Kevin to vote NIKO with me, who was a challenge beast, to ensure we have control over which 2 players went home that round.
That paid off because not only was I able to keep up the act that I was with my Cody/Blu/Kevin alliance, because they thought I voted Niko, but also everyone in my other alliance thought I had voted out Matty. I managed to pull it off without anyone really realizing it or calling me out for it.

Final 12 was also a hectic round. There were only 6 of us up for elimination and at first Chris pushed for Wender to go, meanwhile I pushed for Devyn. I felt like Wender and I had a better relationship, so I really wanted him to stay here.
This was the round where I found out a lot regarding Blu. Blu offered a final 2 deal for Chris „because no one would expect that” and that made me wary of him. Blu also gave me the ammo I needed this round. He spilled to me to that Devyn was talking about Chris and Jay H and that people were considering that Chris/Jay H were a duo. I instantly used this knowledge to my advantage to flip the narrative and push for Devyn to go. I claimed that Devyn and Blu were hard pushing for Chris to go. Chris and I managed to flip the vote against Devyn.
To sum up the pre-merge portion of the game: At first, I laid back, made strong bonds with certain people and used all the information I got to my advantage to make people think I was their very close ally. I feel like I had a lot of control over the F14, F13, F12 votes.

The Merge finally happened at Final 11. It didn’t really make a difference because of the One World Twist, but it was still a huge milestone for me. During this early merge Chris was heavily targeted for his supposed duo of Jay H and we needed to get players out, who could be very dangerous on the long term for us. At the final 11, I rallied my allies of Kevin, Luke, Will and convinced them to vote for Cody by telling them that Cody has been targeting Will for a while. (He did drop his name around that time, but he wasn’t like coming for him hard). This worked like magic and suddenly the 5 of us gained majority to send Cody to the Jury Villa.

In this very round I also managed to win the 1st Individual Immunity Challenge of the season. During this day I was barely online, yet I still managed to receive the highest number of rocks, which, in my opinion, shows how well I have been playing the game socially. I did not have to make a single deal with any of the players, I did not promise anyone rocks and yet here I was with the Immunity AND a clue to the hidden immunity idol. I quickly shared the idol clue with Chris and we looked for the idol. I found a list of all the sky level accounts and we looked through it. Chris found part 1 of the idol on the list and then we had to search everywhere for Part 2, but in the end, I found the second part.

During this tribal council, the tension was high and the pressure on me was even higher as Chris fully expected to be voted out, but I had to listen to my gut and I just knew that we had the votes to keep Chris safe, so eventually I saved the idol for a future round.

I decided to tell Kevin and Luke about the idol individually to make them trust me even more, but I pretended that they were the only ones knowing about it.

Final 10 was mainly interesting about the Touchy Subject Results for me. I purposefully wanted to throw this comp. I knew that I was already looked at because of the F11 social comp win, I knew that I would possibly be getting some of the good answers here and I didn’t want to win this Touchy Subject, as I felt like it’d put an even bigger target on me. In the end, even I was surprised at the fact that I got answered for every single good question.
To me, this shows how well I have managed to integrate myself into the game and how well I was able to hide the fact that I had an immense amount of control over the last few rounds. I got answered who would you hang out with irl, biggest hero, most trustworthy, who is likely to return to all stars and who is most likely to win. I feel like that SHOWS how well I was playing to some extent, but not to the full extent. People thought I was just social and part of the majority, but what they didn’t know is that I was pulling the strings behind people’s back UNDETECTED and WITHOUT EVER BEING EXPOSED.

So, the Final 9 was the round I finally created the 5-person-chat of Luke, Willie, Chris and Kevin. Chris wanted Wender to leave, meanwhile the rest of us wanted Jay H. to leave that round. We all agreed on in the end to vote for Jay H. and I would like to address the self-vote here. So, I was so determined to follow along with this plan that I was talking about it for hours in my confessional. I even told Jay H that unfortunately I’m locking him in and I was so certain about what I’d do this round that somehow it slipped my mind that I didn’t actually lock him in and i fucking fell asleep on the couch. But you could count this vote on Jay H., because that is where it was going to land and everybody knew it.

However, the most important event that happened in Final 9… was something that was not related to the votes this round at all. As I’ve been talking to Luke, my instincts were telling me that something was happing there with him, like my Survivor Instincts were telling me to watch out for Luke. I started to become worried that maybe he wants to get rid of me for being a threat or flip on our alliance. So, I came up with a plan one morning. I went to Luke and pretended that I wanted to vote out Chris. Just like I expected, he was instantly down with this idea, he was instantly was saying how he would like to vote out Chris at Final 8 and I agreed to it. I feel like this was a huge social move, because Luke also spilled it to me that he was talking to it about Wender and then we talked about possibly getting Jay M and Ben on board with this. So this allowed me to see clearly how the end-game would begin.

Final 8 was the DARK ROUND.  The first thing I did was that I identified that Kevin had won individual immunity and asked him not to tell anyone about it, then I lied to everyone else that I had won individual immunity so that they wouldn’t target me and it completely worked. Then what I did was that I pretended that I was fully on board with getting Chris out with Luke, Wender, Jay M and Ben, meanwhile we agreed on the other side to vote for Wender, because he could be a late game threat. Knowing the votes would tie and knowing that it wouldn’t be revealed if I played an idol or not, I decided to use the idol on Chris, RESULTING IN THE ONE AND ONLY CORRECT IDOL PLAY OF THE SEASON and sent a late-game threat, Wender, off to the jury.

Final 7….. one of my biggest moves. Not knowing what had happened last round, Ben, Jay M and Luke still wanted to vote for Chris. I pretended that Chris must have had an idol that he played on himself and that this round was finally the round for him to leave. However, things got complicated. Luke actually nearly managed to flip the votes around, when he tried to convince Will to vote Chris out. Will came to me in PMs, admitting it to me that he was leaning towards eliminating Chris, but I couldn’t let that happen. I had to come up with something on the spot. I told him that we shouldn’t and couldn’t trust Luke, because he made a final 4 deal with Me, Ben and Jay M. This shocked Will and he completely believed me and then he admitted it to me that he also had a final 3 deal with Ben Luke and Himself. I convinced him that getting to the end with me and Chris was the best route for him. I made Will go against his own interest by making him keep Chris in (who he ADMITTEDLY DIDN’T TRUST) by convincing him that getting Luke out was the right move for both of us (which was NOT the right move for him, as Luke clearly trusted him). This round was a lot closer than what I had originally expected and massive props to Luke for that. In the end, I feel like this once again shows that how strong of a social and strategic game I’ve played by managing to sway Will.

The rest of the season: Final 6&Final 5: straightforward vote off for Jay M and Ben, who were outside of our final 4 alliance. I enjoyed getting to know them in this game, but at the end of the day, I was going to stick to my alliance.

Final 4: This was really difficult for me. I managed to get to the end with the 3 players who have had my back from Day 1 till the end. Knowing that I had to backstab 1 of them right before the end was TOUGH. When Will won immunity, I knew that I had to vote Kevin out…. which was by far the most difficult decision I had to make in this game. In order to avoid getting a vote or get into a tie, I lied to Kevin that Chris/Will were voting for me and that I beg him to tie it on Chris. The votes landed exactly how I expected it to be though, 3-1 against Kevin.  I felt horrible for doing this, but I was so close to the end that I just couldn’t risk going out here.

I believe that my strong social and strategic gameplay allowed me to play a very cutthroat game without ever being called out a single time or without ever being in actual danger of going home.
Even though, I should have been the target at F6 F5 F4, I managed to avoid being voted out without even having any protection of an idol or immunity, which, in my opinion, further proves how well I was positioning myself in this game.
Many times, I pulled off huge moves and many times I could have been exposed or called out, if people compared notes about me, but I always managed to find a way to SAFELY get what I want.
I went to all my tribal councils fully knowing what would happen as I either was involved in the successful the plan or was the one actually coming up with the successful plan.

I would like to thank Chris for being my duo in this game from Day ZERO and for working so hard to get us to the very end. This is exactly what we set out to do and I’m really glad we could do it.
To the jury and others, I’m genuinely sorry if I upset you in any way in this game, because that was never my intention. I just simply did whatever I thought I had to do to get us here.

Thank you for reading my plea!!!!
174 days 20 hours ago
Hi everyone!!!!

Before u read my speech, I know that my fellow finalists have make an EXTREMELY long speech in my opinion and When I've been writing this, idk how long it is but i writed wit full honesty about how I am and about how I played.

Okey so let me walk you through my game and later i'll explain why I should win. I enterd this game ALONE and not knowing ANYONE before hand (yeah, I played some games with Ben or Coco, and by that time I was in another game with Cody or Girlinred), so I presented myself as a free agent so I could be included in as many plans as possible. I thought that I wouldn't be able to shine neither in the pyshical aspect of the game nor the strategic, so I planned on relying on the social aspect.

I formed a KEY duo with Coco, which i used to put myself in the driving seat all game, while i also had another trio with Cody and Ben which I geniuenly liked. I know there were other chats and stuff but those were kinda the ones on where we said the plan and everyone agrred on doing that (thats why first 3 votes were unanimous). I wanted to note how my social game was on point when people were telling me that Lorenzo wanted me out and I got him 10-1...

At the double vote-off, I made my first strategic move: even tho I was being targeted by some people and almost everyone agreed on voting Niko and Girl, I talked with coco and we put on board the plan of getting rid of Matty (knowing he was a huge social/comp threat), and surprising Cody. At the end of the premerge, I won inmunity and I got a spot in the merge but I lost my closest ally girlinred, so I knew it was time to make moves and put myself back on the top.

Analizing the premerge, because I self-voted once, everyone thought I was floating and being carried to merge as a number, but I was very concious of my position and I was using players like Cody or Coco to get their gameplayers ego up to cover myself and attack from the back.


Entering in merge, it was clear that (excpet Matty's vote) Cody was running the game so it was time to flip on him and their main allies to dethrone the king and take his place, but once again, I wanted coco to be the main face of the plan so I could be on a better position whit my allies. I taled to coco about how Cody was in lots of chats (which I didn't have a certain about it) and I started gathering numbers for the ``blindside´´. My ONLY mystake there was aking Jay H who he would vote between Chris or Cody (not knowing they were close frinds lmao); that was when I had to take him out 100%.

After voting him out, taking down his allies and solidyfing my spot in the tribe was easy bcs no one thought of me as a threat, but I was calling the shots strategically and I strengthened my social game.

Then we arrive to the Dark around, when a new door was open when a desperate alliance between me, ben and Luke was formed. The plan was to vote one of the big alliance memebrs (coco, kev or chris out), but i knew that in THAT vote, flipping will lead me to minority, so I let Coco kill his target and I voted with the minority.

Final 7 was the breaking point of the game: we had 2 sides --> Coco, Kev and Chris vs Ben, Luke and Jay M... And I secured myself a swing vote at final 7 and almost a secured final 4 spot if no one flipped. This was the perfect chance to flip on coco or Chris, but sticking with them made sense with me because I knew that if I flipped there, I wouldn't have been able to take credit of the move, so I had to get Luke out and put myself in a good spot with in the alliance.

Final 6 we unfortunately voted Jay out... but at Final 5 the door of voting coco out was open again. I didn't want to take Ben out and If i had known coco would have voted theirselves there I would have 100% flipped with Ben and breaking those bonds, knowing coco was untouchable for Chris. And I told Ben that if we were able to secure one more vote, I would flip, but I wasn't doing the dirty work. Unfortunately, it didn't work...

So final 4 comes and I knew that It was do or die for me in that challenge and I said so at the confessionals. So the OG plan was to vote coco, but Chris was not on 100%, but i thought kev was taking this inmunity so I worked my ass of since final 6 to get Chris support and trust at this stage. But I DESTROYED everyone at that challenge and I had to take a shot on Kev because he was the best overall player out there.

So this has been my game

¿Why I should win? --> I should win because i commited myself 100% to this game; I never lied to any of my allies or fellow players and I played an honest game and yall know it. I've been in the power position all game, even tho some of you were exhaustingly voting me throughout the game. This is a fact becuase i ALWAYS VOTED RIGHT (all my votes were casted for the person that got the most votes... ALWAYS).

I also should win because I outwitted, outlasted and outplayed everyone here: my social game was on point using some big fishes as shields and getting them to get dirty, my strategic game made me call the shots all the merge (and being the swing vote at final 7, deciding everyone's fate), and my physicall ability helped to win 1 merge challenge, the most important one (it may have not been the best aspect of my game, but i always tried my best and host know it lol).

I also think I should win I played better than Coco and Chris. Coco was my ride or die here, but their were getting their hands so dirty while i was next to them completely save, and Chris have been many times on the edge, while I've been on the driving seat for most of the games. Whith this being said, u both also played an amazing game (thats why u here lol), and u're potentially good winners <3

So jury, this is my game, how I played and why I desserved to win. I wrote this with my heart and being 100% honest with how I played. I'll gladly answer any questions that u may have and I want to say that it has been a bless playing with you all.

I'll respect any decision that u make, but please consider my speech for your vote... vote Will as the winner of Brady Survivor Portugal

Thank you for reading jury!

Will <3
174 days 19 hours ago
Hello Finalist, first off I want to say congratulations for making it to the end of the game. Two  of you did just that, and that will be your only congratulatory tonight. My only question is for Will; the other two I have statements, which warrants no response.

Will- To me your speech seemed the most authentic as to really owning your shit and the moves you made without pointing fingers or relying on others. The drawbacks for me from you, is the self voting( which I don’t respect) and the false perception of the thinking Kev was he best overall player in the final 4, when it was made Clear that throughout the season, Chris seemed to be running the show, so that seemed like a missed opportunity, in my opinion.

My question you to is- What was your shining moment that shaped the direction of this game for you and not your allies.

Coco-  I’m gonna be honest, majority of the jury isn’t going to give you the time of day, so if I were you, I’d just sit there and try to look pretty. You were the epitome of a goat for Chris. Chris told you who’s name to write and you asked him how it was spelled. The only reason you’re sitting at the end was because Chris  had everyone wrapped around his finger. So you, my “old friend” since you claim to only have known Chris and Kevin before entering this game, did  absolutely nothing to warrant any votes from this jury unless it was a vote for a wake up call on how you actually played the game. You skipped and hopped in everyone’s PM’s like the rat you played like, as if we all had a different quality of cheese for you to try. I want to clear up  of a few things since you mentioned my name a lot and being “wary”. We were on to your shenanigans on  day two. You created that  4 person alliance chat, not Cody. You went and told Chris a lie that his name was being pushed when it was in fact Niko. I baited you with false information about Devyn leaking info because Cody and I knew you would go “run and tell that” to Chris, and I couldn’t let it be known it was me who said it, and it worked. Devyn and I never had conversations. Lastly, the alliance offer i made with Chris wasn’t so he could expose to Jay, it was so he could expose it to you. cody and I talked about that beforehand and you proved our point,  in your speech. He was the ventriloquist and you were his doll. And the self voting to not loss jury votes? Lame, play the game!!

Chris- You and I never talked “game” in the beginning, we didn’t talk it at all until the night before I left. Also, saying someone is UTR, doesn’t mean they’re coming after you. Throughout this game, you casted  yourself as the fatherly figure, however, fans of classic literary fiction will see through very quickly who your true character was, which is the wicked step-father, really, of the tribe. It’s the eccentric man who comes in and makes demands of everyone for the things of which he feels so entitled. Um, he takes things that he’s— you’re not entitled to or didn’t earn himself, which was always evidenced by the fact that you got more gimme’s (from Coco) in this game than anyone. Lastly, you made the quintessential wicked step-father move by abusing the help. Which in this case was the minority alliances throughout the game. You always made sure they felt inferior, you always kept them in their place, and you always made it eminently clear that they weren’t coming to the ball that is the tribal council here this evening with you. So, that to me feels like your fatal flaw in your whole plan because unlike life, in the game of Survivor, the outcasts are the one who get the final say. So in a sweeping moment of poetic justice, the people to which you were so rude and terrible to before relegating them to the jury with the help of your alliance, are going to decide your fate this evening. This is why I love fairy tales because they always have a happy ending and the wicked step-father, the delusional victim aka the Villain of the the season, usually  never wins.
174 days 17 hours ago
Alright first thing first I would like to apologize to production and the viewers lounge for this season if I wanted to watch a man heard 🐑 I woulda went to the farm   I never take games personal It’s a game I respect when I’m out played and nothing is personal that being said the amount of gaslighting in these speeches y’all ain’t running for president your trying to wins. Group game stop lying for public votes

I only have statements I don’t need ask a question here

Coco -  you also knew me before the game as we talked about it about a week before we were casted so slay. Me and blu were on to you 7 hours into the game and realized no one would touch you so slay I’ll give you that but acting like no one caught on to you please sis.  You will end up with 0 votes most likely as you self voted instead of just voting a person out that’s cowardly gsme play as a person I like you as a player Sharn make other players make your moves for ya so you don’t make the jury made please you beat me but enjoy third duh 🤭

Chris   You were my target so dam early for this reason I knew you were the Paul from bb 18 19. Had all your sheep doing dances for ya walking into the slaughter house at your command. You played the villian role accept it don’t cry about it it’s a game.  However the amount of lies in your speech is like Donald trump hanging out in Compton to survive own up to your moves and except it lmfao

Willy.  Using my game is a hilarious term I was giving excitement to viewers not being 🍞 I knew about Matty going from the start as jay approached me first was no blindside  I respect your speech cuz you seem own this gsme and moves you made

Me jay m ben final 3 is one the wildest bull shot things I heard as me and jay m talked maybe twice all gsme.

In the end I feel one y’all controlled this game and played it better then the others gl to all y’all
174 days 16 hours ago
Cody did you even read my speech? I didn't self vote on purpose because I didn't wanna vote. As I explained, I was so certain about voting Jay H., and I talked about it in my confessionals a lot that round, that I simply forgot to lock in and fell asleep.
174 days 16 hours ago
Blu, same to you. Did you even read my speech? The amount of bitterness in that speech WOW...

First of all, never once did Chris control me in this game, we were partners, we were a duo. We were making decisions TOGETHER. I made my own moves as well.

I made it to the final 4 with 3 people having me as their number 1. I controlled most of the votes with my alliance and never once did I get into trouble for it. The Devyn vote? I literally explained that I wanted to get rid of Devyn and what you just said gave me the ammunition that I needed to get her out.

I've been playing these games since 2014 and I know my worth and I know I'd never follow or sheep anyone and I've proven it time and time again in this game, whether you like it or not.
174 days 15 hours ago
Coco, I said my statement warranted no response, but since you responded, no bitterness merely observation. Yes I read your “soliloquy” and 90% of it especially regarding me, was farce. You claim not to have been a goat, but I know just know what you show me, and others saw it too.
174 days 15 hours ago
I can tell you with 100% certainty that I never played like a goat or a follower and I'm happy the hosts saw my gameplay and I'm happy that the hosts are giving viewers confessionals. I'm walking out of here full well knowing I'm in the right and it will be backed up by anyone that followed this season.

I made so many moves this game that must have upsetted people (especially you, I guess), but what is not true is that I sheeped anybody, some people just can't handle being outplayed.

This is sad, because I thought you were someone who respected gameplay, but clearly not.
174 days 15 hours ago
Don’t get me twisted, I respect gameplay. What I don’t respect is intentionally being fake and phony “as a friend” which I felt you were being from jump. Also, Im not upset  about me leaving, that was obvious that round. I even said it that round, publicly.  I already knew you were working with Chris; and everyone other than Wender and Jay H were intimidated by my presence in the game.
174 days 15 hours ago
You don't respect gameplay. If you didn't, you wouldn't have said I was sheep, because everything here proves that I wasn't a sheep and that I was playing the game.

Did I lie to you? Yes
Did I backstab people? Yes
BUT THIS IS SURVIVOR. I did what I had to do to get further in the game.
174 days 15 hours ago
I have hardly ever seen a "statement or speech" in a Survivor game that felt and seemed more bitter than yours. But then again, we can ask people after the game, because I'm confident in this as well.
174 days 15 hours ago
If you did* you wouldn't have said*
174 days 15 hours ago
What here proves you weren’t a sheep , running back and telling Chris everything? Are you reading what you type? We don’t need to ask anyone outside of the game. The jurors are who and what matters, and the jurors saw you for who you  are. Some of us just caught on to it earlier. So the lying and back stabbing would be prevalent here and a great gameplay on your part, if it had not already been foreseen, again on day two. I said what I said as juror, I feel how I feel as juror, and it ain’t changing over here. I’m voting for the best overall player, and that is not bitterness

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