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The Draft: Hall of Champions

Topic » The Draft: Hall of Champions

337 days ago
Harry (harrywasnak) - Winner of The Draft: The Cutting Room

Noteworthy Gameplay:
-Found the hidden advantage, this season's immunity idol equivalent, and used it to earn himself a spot in the finale

-Made close alliances with everyone, but stabbed tons of them in the back, on route to making it to the finale.

-Misted the entire game into targeting JJ and Jack at the final 7, guaranteeing that one of his biggest threats to win would go home regardless of the outcome of the elimination.

-Winner of Villain of the Season as well for his sneaky gameplay.
334 days 10 hours ago
Noelle (HeavenLee) - Winner of The Draft: Cross-Breeze

Noteworthy Gameplay:
-Established a final 3 with Jonathan and Nathan, all of whom made the finals

-Never saw a Cutting Room this season, the only player to do this

-Along with her alliance, orchestrated several matchups in the Cutting Room that propelled them to the end.

-Won multiple dailies, more than anyone else this season

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