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Red's Survivor Viewers Lounge

This Viewers lounge includes everything from confessionals to the way players vote! Tune in to watch the most recent ongoing season- Survivor: Blood Vs Water!

- I have given the castaways the option to opt out of having their confessionals and game info posted here. If they don't want their info released here, then please respect their opinion, and I will, after they are voted out, tell you what they did and how they fit into the swing of things.

- This is the most important thing. DO NOT GIVE AWAY INFORMATION TO ANYONE INSIDE THE GAME. If you are in this VL it is because I trust you with the information I am going to post. If you disrespect my trust, your out of here, and I wont be letting you play in any of my seasons either.

- In addition to this, if you are asked by anyone in the game to reveal information, DO NOT REVEAL IT (obviously). Just tell me who it is and send me screenshot evidence that they did that and I will act on it. Punishment for revealing information to someone who asked is the same as just giving it away - removed from the VL and banished from playing.

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