DDTR: The Sweet Escape

                          🍷Blood is thicker than wine🍷
                    Dark Days The Return: The Sweet Escape

Living la dolce vita.🍊🍋🍇

Amelia Avido, the 80 year old matriarch of a wealthy Avido family, is on her death bed. She is the owner of the family vineyard and wine business where all the families wealth has come from. Now that she is on her death bed, the vineyard must be passed down to someone else in the family, but who?
All members of the very wealthy Avido family are reunited on a private island off the coast of California to say their final goodbyes to Amelia Avido, but most importantly to try and get their hands on the family vineyard. When murders start to happen, old family rivalries resurface as this dysfunctional and greedy family fight to become the new head of the Avido business empire. Is blood thicker than wine?

🌳 Family Tree 🌳

Amelia Avido - [Kenu67] •80 years old•
Pamela Prada Avido - [Kenu67] •22 years old•
Elton Alexander Avido - [Kenu67] •30 years old•
Arthur Avido - [oswordo] •47 years old•
Alejandro Avido - [Cyrus] •41 years old•
Yael Avido - [Noxity] •35 years old•
Lady Kate Cunningham - [QueenRenge] •29 years old•
Joseph “Joey” Avido - [Tizian]

Ep1: Bruno Avido - [mysterygame] (page 51)
Ep1: Allegra Passero - [MaggieWong] (page 64)
Ep1: Misa Avido - [Symmetry] (page 87)
Ep1: Kevin Wojcik - [UnicornChicken] (page )
Ep2: Tiffany Avido - [Jaxon]
Ep2: Anastasia Avido - [Demgirl]
Ep2: Lucia Avido - [NovaMax]
Ep2: Jenny Bianchi - [Finnick]

Episode 1: “Sweet Escape”
Episode 2: “Sour Lemons”
Episode 3:
The Dark Days are back...

|DDTR: Swamp Country SURVIVORS|
Jed Duckett - [Kenu67]
Jonah James - [Symmetry] (🤴🤴⭐️)
Fernando Rodriguez - [WestTemp]
Nora-Lynn Brewer - [Mitsuki] (👸)
Talia Russo - [Kenu67] (arrested)
Timothy Neilson - [oswordo]
|DDTR: Devil Within SURVIVORS|
Almita Russo - [Kenu]
Than Petros - [Kenu]
Aaron Alder - [NovaMax]
Mitch Erickson - [Finnick] (🤴🤴⭐️)
Landon Howell - [Demgirl] (🤴)
|DDTR: Bright Lights SURVIVORS|
Jaxine Reeves - [Jaxon] (👸)
Hudson Montgomery - [RyanAndrews] (🤴)
Matty “Nix” Newsburg - [bigdizzle] (🤴🤴)
Lane McKinnon - [Dmpwb45] (🤴🤴⭐️)
Lyn Doo - [oswordo] (👸👸⭐️)

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DDTR: The Sweet Escape, Episode 2: “Sour Lemons”
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DDTR: The Sweet Escape, Episode 1: “Sweet Escape”
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