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106 days 2 hours ago
Tomorrow at 10pm EST.  It will be a non-live challenge.
105 days 3 hours ago
Come on in guys, Impala getting their first look at the new Okapi tribe, Bryan voted out at the last tribal council. I'll now take back immunity Impala because it is once again back up for grabs.

I'll be posting three different types of jigsaw puzzles.  There will be a 30 piece, 40 piece and 50 puzzle.  Your job is simply to complete a puzzle in the fastest time possible and send me a screenshot. 

However, only ONE individual from each tribe can send a submission for a specific puzzle.  For example, if Bill sends a submission for the 30 Piece Puzzle he cannot do another puzzle and nobody on his tribe can do the 30 Piece Puzzle.  Only three tribe members will ultimately partake in the challenge tonight.  Everyone is allowed to try out the other puzzles as much as they want before submitting.  However, once I receive a submission for a specific puzzle then nobody can send a submission for it.

The tribe which claims two out of the three puzzles wins immunity and are safe from tonight's vote.  The losing tribe will head to tribal council where one of you will be the sixth person voted out of this game.

If there is any form of tie BOTH tribes will be heading to tribal council.

30 Piece:
40 Piece:
50 Piece:

*** NOTE ***

I want a FULL SCREENSHOT of your completed puzzle (EX:  If the screenshot isn't like this then I will not count your score (tinypic, imgur and vice versa are good ways to upload screenshots).

You have until 8pm EST tomorrow to submit.
104 days 5 hours ago
I'll go tally the results...
104 days 4 hours ago
30 Piece

Impala - Garrett (1:49)
Okapi - Dan (1:03)

40 Piece

Impala - N/A
Okapi - Luca (2:25)

50 Piece

Impala - Lena (4:18)
Okapi - Brittany (2:44)

With a final score of 3-0...

Okapi wins immunity and reward!
104 days 4 hours ago
104 days 4 hours ago
104 days 3 hours ago
Good job tribe, what a sweep
103 days 22 hours ago
Fucking finally. It was about time.cabt wait ti have a Clue

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