Dangan Reality #1: Fighting With Fire

Host: Spinfur
Co-Host: Camell22

[Note: This is YEARS after the events of the canon game/anime so certain events and characters maybe mentioned however they will not make an appearance and neither shall relatives or stuff like will show up either. This is a separate story based in the same world as the canon story.]

The world was perfect, Hope's Peak started up again and dealt with bringing ultimates back into schools and set them up in for the future. However a few of them go missing, and they wake up in an unknown location, with their memories gone, but wait doesn't this area look familiar, is this a video game?

Dangan Reality Season 1 takes the ultimates through the world of fighting games, from Mortal Kombat to Injustice will they survive? Or will they suffer their own fatality!

Season's Theme: "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy

Killing Game Hosts:
Malinda (Spinfur)
Izan (Camell22)

Keegan Keary // Ultimate Grave Robber (Spinfur)
Denji Okamoto // Ultimate Punk Rock Musician (Spinfur)
Jessica Forrest // Ultimate Bounty Hunter (Camell22)
Roxane Childs // Ultimate Partier (Camell22)
Hanai Ashikaga // Ultimate Flower Girl (Spinfur)
Luther Beau // SHSL Croissant Baker (Turkey)
Hamilton Lindsay // SHSL Time Traveler (Dawn)
America Mendoza // SHSL Drive-Thru Worker (Sym)
Gwendolyn Barker // SHSL Second Banana (SirNice)
Liberty Bethergleeson // SHSL Degrassi Superfan (BigDizzle)
Katana Tachibana // SHSL Serial Killer (Deme)
Miss Arabella Love of Brickinsale // SHSL Prince (coolKat)
Michelle Michalchuk // SHSL Action Gamer (Absol)
Momo Shade // SHSL Clown (Aja)
Kenny Kazuma // SHSL Pole Vaulter (Yorgosll)
Hiro Tsuji // SHSL Swordsman (SirNice)
Kana Matsuura // SHSL Deceiver (Dawn)
Senna “Penne” Arturo // SHSL Penne Noodle Maker (coolKat)
Natasha Chivinstev // SHSL Ballerina (Aja) 

Chapter #1:
Nebby Neanderthal  // SHSL Groupie (Sym) [Cut apart by Malinda]
Lissa Striker // Ultimate Tech Support (Camell22) [Stabed by Leo]
Leo Courtier // SHSL Ghost Whisperer (Logie) [Executed: Exploded]

Chapter #1: "Mortal Kombat" [X]
Chapter #2: "Tekken"
Chapter #3: "Street Fighter"
Chapter #4: "Injustice"
Chapter #5: "Soul Calibur"
Chapter #6: "Dead Or Alive"

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Dangan Reality #1: Fighting With Fire

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