SG1's Big Brother UK

16 Normal Tengagers will enter the Big Brother UK house where they will nominate themselves and then the Tengaged public will vote to save via polls!
*Houseguests this season WILL be able to discuss nominations. They will not be able to discuss secret tasks or twists.
16th: CoCo (rollingderp) [Day 3 • 14% To Save Against Maddie, Mr. Evil & Josh]
15th: Joey (joeyverri)  [Day 5 • 2.1% To Save Against Mr. Evil, Maddie, Marwan, Alex, Josh, and Tallulah]
14th: Maddie (Omggiraffe) [Day 5 • 56.5% To Evict In Tiebreaker Poll Against Marwan]
13th: Josh (Joshie1) [Day 8 • EXPELLED Due To Inactivity]
12th: Lukas (SirNiceGuy) [Day 10 • 18.4% To Save Against Oli and Tallulah] 
11th: Mr. Evil (Sackeshi) [Day 12 • 4/6 Votes To Evict]
10th: Tallulah (QueenMichelle)  [Day 12 • 47.8% To Evict Against Elizabeth and Maggie]
9th: Elizabeth (TDBigBrotherLover112) [Day 12 • Marwan's Sole Vote To Evict]
8th: Aaryn (AarynBoo) [Day 14 • 21.5% To Save Against Marwan and Maggie]
7th: Marwan (_m4rw4n) [Day 16 - 67.7% To Evict Against Maggie]
6th: Will (SurvivorFan37) [Day 17 - 7% To Win]
5th: Oli (MrPokeguy9)  [Day 17 - 7.9% To Win]
4th: Jae (PoohSnap) [Day 17 - 9.3% To Win]
3rd: Mark (Icarus_Mark) [Day 17 - 22.4% To Win]
2nd: Maggie (MaggieWong) [Day 17 - 25.2% To Win]
1st: Alexandria "Alex" (DeshonBANNEDISBACK) [Day 17 - 28% To Win]

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