Shifters: Season 3

***Hosted by beccajo16***

"There are a lot of things we don't know about in this world, but I never would have thought this. I came to Mount Haven, Oregon, in hopes for a better life. I never knew what mysteries were in store for me."

This is the story of a small town in Oregon with supernatural creatures and the evil that happened to follow them. Shifters use to be hidden in Mount Haven, but one person would witness something and it would change how Shifters would live.

The hellmouth has been opened. What comes next? Soon the town of Mount Haven will have to face the demons that come to town.
Jin Wu played by awesome2210 (Snake)
Lucas "Junior" Pelkey played by KOKidd (Wolf)
Jordan Patterson played by amylou8251 (Otter)
Mila Winters played by Maya10 (Otter)
Christopher McKinnley played by Carraid73 (Bear)
Denise Hargrave played by Mitsuki (Bear)
Tanner Corrigan played by kilikfanof2mrow (Owl)
Levi Bookman played by awesome2210 (Wolf)
Elias "Eli" Evans played by Piddu (Wolf)
Ainsley Lure played by Avatar20 (Swan)
Hyolyn Usagi Adachi played by iGoddess (Deer)
Martin Hudspith played by Hudspith (Bear)
Aiden Morris played by Spinfur (Snake)

Rebecca Greene played by beccajo16 (Hunter)
Finn Johnson played by Archerskyfire (Hunter)
Lexa Kepler played by pilatesgrl
Brielle Lowe played by crush
Cameron Mason played by Giraffez
James King played by beccajo16 (Hunter)
Will Stevens played by Rocketokid13 (Hunter)
Amber Ramirez played by PosionIvy22
Gwen Parker played by Rain848
Roman "Rome" Pierce played by JTthePrince
Alasia Lockwood played by Flamingjojo
Ryker Fox played by bad18life (Hunter)


Talia Knight played by KingGeek
Tyler Morris played by spinfur (Hunter)(werewolf)

--S2 Deaths--
Brielle Lowe played by crush
Sage Auditoe played by bad18life (Snake)
Michael Winters played by WitZ (Owl)
Laura Zales played by Ryuia2000
Brett Taylor played by BrettTheJet21 (Hunter)
Caleb Reynolds played by rhysarnie14
Maggie Hale played by beccajo16 (Werewolf)
Ariel Smith played by Snowgirl57
Alasia Lockwood played by Flamingjojo
Hunter Morrison played by benner_2304 (Owl)
Lanie Lansing played by Jojo7784 (Snake)
---Theme Song---
---Season 1---
Series Premiere: "Let It Bleed" ---COMPLETED---
Episode 2: "Build God, Then We'll Talk" ---COMPLETED---
Episode 3: "The Best Deception" ---COMPLETED---
Episode 4: "Standard Lines" ---COMPLETED---
Episode 5: "Savior" ---COMPLETED---
Season Finale: "Let The Flames Begin" ---COMPLETED---
---Season 2---
Season Premiere: "Secrets" ---COMPLETED---
Episode 2: "Black Cat" ---COMPLETED---
Episode 3: "Paranoia" ---COMPLETED---
Episode 4: "Monster" ---COMPLETED---
Finale: "A Light In The Dark" ---COMPLETED---

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Shifters: Season 3

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