Psycho: Sibyl System

Sci-fi & action RP show
2118, the year where technology has risen to become so common in the sense of drones protecting the streets, where TV's are holograms, phones no longer exist and replaced by government-issued watches with hologram screens, but the most advanced thing up to date is the Sibyl system. Everyone has a psycho-pass where it's a psychological certification given to a person based on the various measurements of his or her psychology and personality to provide a grade on how good a their mental stability is and measure a person's criminality rate.

This measurement will determine if the person has the ability to carry out crimes or not. If the measurement exceeds a certain amount, the person is branded as a latent criminal and locked up to protect the public, even if no actual crime was committed.

In other words, the city of Orcrest is the leading city in the world with technology, as they've created the Sibyl & forever changed the way humanity leads their lives. The Criminal Investigation Department [CID] has a handful chosen members to work, which conclude of inspection officers, enforcement officers, and analysis officers. Whilst drones do most of the work, these members are tasked with managing crime.

"The body limited, the mind free."
Name - Status - Username
Jackson Fitzgerald - CID Chief - Bad18life

[Division 1]
John McGinnley - Head inspector - Carraid73
Hartley Clara - Inspector - iGoddess

Mattin Deidrick - Bulldoggy559
Martin Hudspith - Hudspith
Shawn Amell - Adrian
Alissa Dowey - Pilatesgrl
Ava Kroft - Avatar20
Serah Hawke - Mitsuki

Bennet Rosberg - Kilikfanof2mrow
Nicole Justice - Amylou8251

[[Division 2]]
Kylie Blue - Enforcer - SummerRae101
Kassandra Winters - Analyst - Maya10

[[[Division 3]]]
Jessie Montez - Head Inspector - Kenu67 *DEAD

Phoebe Lannister - DanieleD
Nathaniel Salinger - Posiedonrox
Daniel Roja - Leonine_Divine
Talia Heart - Rain848

Episode 1 - Crime Coefficient 19/11/2015
Episode 2 - Art is Expression
Episode 3 - 299, Paralyser Mode
Episode 4 - Commu Field
Episode 5 - Clear Colour Hue
Episode 6 - Hunt
Episode 7 - Untraceable Children
Episode 8 - Lethal Eliminator
Episode 9 - Unforbidden Truth

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Psycho: Sibyl System

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