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1619 days 9 hours ago
Billy, James, Nathan, congratulations! You 3 have made it as far as you can go in this game, the power now shifts to the jury. 10 people who you have had a hand in voting out now will decide who will win this season! Let's bring them out: Lilly, Zechariah, Livingston, TJ, Max, Logan, AJ, Blake, Jayson and Natalie.

This thread has been opened up to the jury. You have until the 26th at 5pm EST to get your votes in, the reunion will take place right after!
1619 days 9 hours ago
Sorry y’all, I’m currently out rn, I’ll be typing up a speech in the next few hours. I want to say I love all of you and I’m grateful to have played the game with you. Y’all made this a special season, and I wouldn’t have changed anything
1619 days 9 hours ago
Im too tired rn. Ill make an opening statement at 10 EST cause that's gives me time to nap to regain my energy
1619 days 9 hours ago
why was my hate comment removed
1619 days 9 hours ago
Hi jury! Wow I honestly going off of the start of the game did not expect to be here, but here we are.

Gameplay time!

Ok so I don’t have too much to say here as they were short lived, but I literally just spent this time trying to make bonds with fellow players!

This was an important game moment for sure, well whilst the tribes remained ROUGHLY similar, I did feel worse off. Once our tribe LOST, Jacob quickly becomes the target. I know he has an idol and I wouldn’t be voting him, so we try make a move on Livingston , but after Logan throws a vote on self-voter Bob, this fails to go our way.
The subsequent round, the votes are mostly on Jacob, Lilly and Livingston (to my knowledge) voting me, and Jacob and I doing Livingston again. This was my ONLY round I received VALID votes this game. My thing is though, I do not feel I was next boot! I think my social game could have saved me, I really do. We have no way to prove that obviously, but it is how I feel.
To top it all off Miss Absolita gets flung and it hurts as that is just all my numbers getting pounded.

Another brief one, but AGAIN sucked because Zac was a loyal guy who I enjoyed talking to and was excited to play with again, so RIParooney king.

So initially I’m very sceptical about where this will go. I have an idol in my pocket from Blackjack premerge, and just focus on my relationships. I feel I have a relatively decent one with all bar Lilly and Livingston, but even their’s I don’t worry about  profoundly. Unfortunately Lilly leaves the game for personal reasons, and I sympathise with her as it was nice getting to know her.

Now I’ll give a brief merge round by round breakdown and an overview at the end.

So initially the vote is set as KOLBY, with like EVERYONE doing Kolby. Then it gets changed to Billy, I think part of this is the branded ‘Group gamers alliance’ of like Billy, Nathan, Logan, Livingston and myself, despite being non-existent. Ultimately I know Billy is a tight link for me who will not be voting me out, and therefore go with KOLBY, though am surprised it ties 6-6. I do think I was a helping reason as to why TJ flipped at revote, I like Kolby but knew it was best to get him gone whilst we had the chance. AJ also had an idol which he gave to Natalie, and Natalie used it on herself, which sucked as my ally lost an idol and another ally didn’t need it lmaoooo. ALSO this round, I make an alliance with AJ and Blake. Yeah we vote differently, but it will come up again!

I make F2 of immunity with Natalie, and Natalie wants me to throw to her. I consider, but ultimately choose not to as I want to play Blackjack, and because I know I am going to try get Livingston (the only player I do not feel has me in a decent ranking of who they are with) out. I know by saving Natalie here, who received some votes, that I am securing myself an ally for longterm in the game. Livingston leaves 8-3, which I hope dismantles thoughts of ‘Group gamer alliance’ and my first taste of proper power in this game is achieved.

One day tribes! So I am on and off during this immunity, I was gonna bid 500 the one Natalie did and that would have secured my immunity so regret NOT, HOWEVER, I THEN bid 500 the following round and what do I get? An IDOL. My second idol this game, I truly feel so good right now.

My one day tribe consists of AJ, Billy, Nathan, TJ and I. INITIALLY I was thinking AJ, TJ and I could 3-2 Nathan, but then it hit I should try get TJ out. Billy would be on board as he wanted to be loyal to everyone who was INITIALLY at F12, and that secures my safety, as well as allies’ safety. I didn’t fear being at risk, despite TJ apparently saying he was worried about me. Though when I heard this from Billy, that SOLIDIFIED I needed him gone, as at this point I had focused strongly on my social game to the point almost everyone else, if not everyone else, wanted me in the game still. On the other tribe it was messier, and Max unfortunately left which was rough as I viewed him as a good ally, but nothing I could do.

Nathan wins immunity which squashed my INITIAL plan of possibly wanting to get him out. Outside of my 3, Jayson - who I built a very solid bond with this game - is my closest ally, and when AJ/Blake suggest adding him to making it a 4, I am instantly down. We use this 4 to make almost majority, choose to target LOGAN, which DOES work as I haven’t spoken to him as much as I hoped, and I then talk to Billy about perhaps doing Natalie, so only people receiving votes are outside my core 4. Brings Natalie and I closer too, Billy votes with our 5, Logan leaves 6-2.

My second individual immunity win! I am happy to vote with my core 4 again, as I don’t see why not to, HOWEVER AJ unfortunately got blindsided 5-2 this round as we were seen as such a tight duo. I mean cute, love that for us, but it sucks as I have 2 idols and COULD have prevented it. A good move, I did have a weird feeling about 2 hours before tribal, and it sucked. However, this allowed me to not have to feel such guilt about any upcoming moves. It was this point in the game I received the target of ‘Most Likely to Win the Game’. This boosts my target level by a maximum, and I knew I had to ensure I was tactically smart every round, partially hence my transparency in future rounds as I think that was a good asset to have.

My THIRD individual immunity win, I did not expect this at ALL. I tell my now core 3 chat with Blake and Jayson, formerly including AJ, I am voting Natalie as Natalie is such a big threat and will win immunities. My stance now is I feel fine being transparent so announce my vote. Overall we get 4 votes on Natalie, I manage to convince Billy to play his idol despite knowing he wouldn’t need it, well before Natalie played her’s (both of whom I SORTA to an extent GAVE them idols to), and then I ask Natalie who she voted, she tells me Jayson, I play an idol on Jayson. I DID consider using my other on Blake, but knew I’d need one at 5 more than likely, and also WANTED to not need immunity. This was my first PERSONAL correct idol play. I could have Cirie-d out Nathan, but will all respect to him did not see the benefit of doing this other than a quick laugh.

So I don’t win immunity as intended, and once again publicly state my vote. The way I view it is that if Billy, Nathan, Jayson and I are final 4, it would tie 2 votes Billy 2 votes Jayson/I and they were not odds I wanted to play with. SO I vote Billy. With the hope I am going to receive majority. I play my second idol, also correctly, negate three votes, and unfortunately Jayson leaves with a single vote which is rough as he was a good ally this game who I enjoyed working with and experiencing a game with before like we have never before.

When F4 comes around, I know if I don’t win immunity I will likely be landing myself in a 2-2 tie, probably against Billy. I DO win this immunity, my FOURTH individual immunity win of the season, and state what I stated at 5, that I am respectfully voting Billy out. Natalie does too, and to no surprise Billy and Nathan vote Natalie, landing a 2-2 tie. Natalie then leaves on a rock draw, which sucks as like Natalie  and I were able to get quite close particularly towards the end due to the masses of respect we have for one another, and I know she tried very hard this game, so did feel bad. Loyal to the end, ultimately!

Now, here we are. Final 3. From going in the minority at the start of the game, to being a frontrunner throughout most. I don’t like to appear cocky, but since I saw the one day tribes, plus knowing I had 2 idols, I did not feel much concern that I wasn’t going to make it to 4, as I still had my social bonds with every cast member.

4 individual immunities.
2 correctly played immunity idols.
A ton of fun!

Received a total of 2 valid votes the entire game, 5 including ones which did not count, partially covered by winning immunities, but mostly down to my social game. I equally think I did not at all lack in either physical or strategic game!

Cheers to all for playing this, I really did enjoy it, getting to know and play with you all, I would love to answer any questions you may have, whether they be to understand my game in greater detail, or just generic ones!

Cheers also to Julian for inviting me back and hosting x

{Sorry for the length too xd}
1619 days 9 hours ago
I’m waiting on billy
1619 days 9 hours ago
Sorry jayson I’m heading home rn I’ll be posting soon :/
1619 days 9 hours ago
Tbh Jayson I would just ask rn
1619 days 9 hours ago
1619 days 8 hours ago
Ill probably go into a more detailed speech later
1619 days 7 hours ago

Hello everyone, I'm honored to be sitting next to these 2 fine people in the FTC. It is my job to now convince you of why I should receive the check to the fake million dollars from Julian Probst and I intend on doing that. Coming into this game, I knew I would have to build social relationships to try and avoid the label of "LKB's Survivor Alliance " which would be me and Livingston. Looking at my initial tribe, I truly thought I was going to premerge again if I didn't try and build relationships with the whole cast. The first thing I did was reach out to the literal person who could end my game before it started, FireX. Ill get more into that later. I used my social bonds with the entire cast pretty much to get me to this point and it has been a fight for me. Let me get into it


FIRST TRIBAL- so this vote was pretty obvious from the get go because I literally had an alliance or was in an alliance with everyone else besides connor and Nolan. This is where my bond with Nathan and jayson began. We were all included in multiple groupchats together. I was in multiple alliances with 7 members of OG Qusar, and built a bond with Absol saying I wanted to go to the merge with him, which was actually true. I knew I wasn't going to get votes for awhile and I knew that Nolan should go because he was the only person not there at the first challenge. so that's where the votes went.

SECOND TRIBAL- so we lose again, I go to my multiple alliances and basically say that I wanted Connor out because he self voted. I wanted him out bc he was the only person left that wasn't actually in any of the alliances that I was included in . Doing this, I told absol about all of this so he would build trust with me, which was lacking bc of other games. Everyone really wasn't opposed. During this time, I really built up a relationship with Jayson. This will become important down the line. Connor leaves even though he does a last second pitch to the group 8-1

FIRST TRIBE SWAP - Looking back on this tribe swap, I had a f3 with Bob and Jayson (who was on the other tribe), a f3 to Livingston and Lilly which came about during this tribal, and loyalities with James and Logan. In the last game I played with TJ, he lied to me and voted me out so it was something to be cautious about. I wanted to work with TJ so we talked and we had a common agenda moving forward. Again, because of my social bonds, I wasn't really too afraid of going home if we lost a challenge

X cheated so he left so that's fine with me bc even though we were in a alliance chat together, I don't know how much I could actually trust him.

THIRD TRIBAL - The vote here was between James and Jacob and I actually had convos with James before so I wanted to keep him. When James asks me if the vote is Jacob and doesn't oppose it, I considered switching it to james bc of the blackjack idol. At the same time though, I was okay with one of us (my side) leaving in case there wasn't another tribe swap. My gut was right and Jacob played an idol. Bob self voted and logan was smart enough to place a vote on him so Livingston didn't leave. In the revote we sent bob out bc he literally hadn't voted.

FOURTH TRIBAL - At this point, it was james or Jacob again and we decided for Jacob again with a 2 vote split on James just in case of another idol play. Nothing really happened socially and It was important for me to maintain those bonds with everyone else on the tribe, plus james if he stayed. the vote went through and it allowed me to keep everyone on the tribe I talked to the most.

ABSOL leaving was realty upsetting bc I wanted to merge with him and that was the god honest truth

SECOND TRIBE SWAP AND TRIBAL - This tribe was more concerning for me because I was one of the new ones with TJ on this tribe. I continued building my relationship with blake and began on building relationships with Kolby, Zac, and AJ. Zac ended up leaving which was concerning because natalie pulled out his 48592562th idol of the game. At this point we were at 13 and...…..


FIRST MERGE "VOTE" - Lilly left which sucked for me and it sucked ass for the reason why and im so sorry that happened to you. ily. lilly leaving with her idol instead of giving to me could've been so useful but I understand why it happened.

F12- I knew I was getting votes because I got my hand into too many cookie jars and people were concerned about that. I Wanted Kolby out because it was an easy vote for me and my allies to do. It ended up tying 6-6 and I was able to tell TJ to keep me around bc I benefit him over Kolby even tho he thought that I didn't know he voted me the first time. He ended up flipping and natalie lied about flipping so Kolby left.

F11- This vote was concerning for me again because everyone was looking for duos to take out so guess what happened...Livingston and I were targeted. Because of my social bonds, I was able to make sure it wasn't me to lower my threat level by talking to the people who voted me the last vote and trying to reassure my loyalty. Livingston ended up leaving 8-3 which sucked for me. At this point I thought my game was done for, I had to hope for a miracle. then come the one day tribes. Also, Logan and TJ wanted to make a f4 pact with me and Nathan at this point as well.

F10- The one day tribes were a breath of fresh air for me. My tribe of Nathan, James, AJ, myself, and TJ worked out beautifully. I was able to go to the duo of Aj and James and tell them I wanted Tj out, which they were not opposed to. TJ voted me at f12 and I was concerned for game moving forward with him around. I left Nathan in the dark because I felt like he would've told TJ and masked it under that I forgot to let him know.

F9- I know I wasn't at this tribal but I knew a lot of it. My close bond with jayson allowed me to know he was playing his idol, and that logan was playing his idol, which took out 1/2 people who voted me out. Max ended up leaving which was good bc we didn't have a social bond and I felt as though he was the only one I didn't have one with.

F8- I knew Logan was leaving this round bc he didn't have any bonds going around with this. Also, a more important fact. I threw immunity to Nathan here bc I trusted him more and needed him here. I was comfortable not having it because I know it would bring a giant target on my back that I literally just was able to throw off. I also did this because I wanted to rebuild that relationship that I just put a dent in by not telling him the TJ vote.  I also decided to vote in majority to continue to build a relationship with everyone.

F7- This Aj vote was crucial because I was able to fend off the hungry people who wanted my head and was able to deflect to the the obvious pairing of AJ and James and we needed to take the shot at this point. Nathan and I came up with this idea and ran with it as we both talked to people to get this vote to go through.

F6- James wins immunity and picks me to play blackjack for some reason. I play blackjack and WIN. I now have an idol in my possession and am basically going to get rid of it as soon as I can. Having that idol puts a target on my back and I didn't want to have it. Nobody convinced me to play that idol. I was going to play it immediately and knew that. I voted Natalie bc hes a giant threat to win the game. He plays his idol, I play mine, and james plays one for Jayson, who is still my closest ally to this point. It was a no vote and I voted blake in the revote, knowing Nathan voted me for some paranoia which was not smart on his end. That sends blake and Nathan to fire which thankfully Nathan wins. I love blake but I couldn't trust him for the fact of the f4 alliance I was made aware of earlier in the game of James, Jayson, AJ, and Blake.

F5- James wins again and that ruins my plan to take him out here. He publicly says hes voting me and I am in a somewhat inactive f3 chat with natalie and Nathan labeled Kolby's Kult V5. James picks natalie for blackjack and natalie wins an idol, who then played it on me. I feel like this is a testament to my social game as well because I was able to work with natalie even though we had some shit going on. I positioned myself to be in his best interest to work with.

F4- James wins again and at this point, the only person to vote for was natalie and I knew I was receiving 2 votes from natalie and James. I pick the lucky rock and thank my lucky stars.

Long story short, I was able to position myself in a spot where even though I was almost the merge boot, I was able to make myself useful to everyone left In the game and didn't need individual immunity to stay in the game due to the social game that I had. Thank you and I will take any questions :)
1619 days 7 hours ago
James didn’t win f5 immunity?
1619 days 7 hours ago
But I will formulate my questions prob in morning xx
1619 days 7 hours ago
LMFAO Shit, I rly put that in the wrong spot, copy pasta.
1619 days 7 hours ago
1619 days 7 hours ago
yes jayson pasta

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