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75 days 13 hours ago

You must first mail me saying: "Starting a pen pal service"
Then your time starts. You must get 10 people (none can be from this season) to mail me YOUR name. (Can be username or in game name) You must get exactly 10. Once you believe 10 people have mailed me Your name, you must mail me "I trust them!" This will lock in your time. If you lock in and only 9 or 11 people (or anything else) you will be eliminated.

The person that gets exactly 10 people the fastest wins individual immunity. In the event no one gets 10 exactly, whoever gets at least 10 mails the fastest wins, regardless if they go over. If nobody reaches 10, whoever got the most in the fastest time wins.

You have 24 hours. The faster I receive results, the faster I post them.
74 days 13 hours ago
i bet i won
74 days 12 hours ago
Logan wins immunity!

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