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[S2] Who Do You Want To Evict?

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


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This has been a great game so far and I'd appreciate each and every one of you who save me! I may be new to Tengaged but if I stay I'll prove that us noobs can slay too :D
GL Ronnie <3


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In this game, there are people (the current HoH) who are afraid to make big moves and take out the real threats that are in this game. Making excuses is not acceptable and I wont tolerate it anymore. Put me back in the house to do what needs to be done.


  1. Icarus_MarkSaved JBC
  2. DitoSAved Nobow cause why the fuck not.
  3. UtsumiSaved NoBow
  4. XxLoveWakizaxXsaaaved JBC :)
  5. Uglyduckling2929I hate nobow to the core. But I am saving him. Because of this arrogant dumbass.
  6. Hewittsaved nobow :)
  7. Jaesus123saved nobow
  8. Roxas546Saved JB
  9. brandonrichieSAVED MY BABY JBC8.

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