~*Mojo's Random Stars*~

Hello! Its me, MojoSurb, And I will be your host for this new Random.Org Quick Stars group! 10-18 People apply and 2 will be put in a poll, whoever gets highest percentage is OUT and the other is safe. This cycle continues until 3 Tengagers are left. Those 3 will go into 1 last poll, and whoever gets the highest percentage wins!

> Contestants [11 Remaining]

- anthonyds__
- wyatt33 [OUT]
- KickAss93 [OUT]
- Bamold1999 [OUT]
- Saftronbtr999
- richardcglover [OUT]
- callumhibberd [OUT]
- SmoothStalker12
- k4r4k
- NJKoda1998 [OUT]
- AlexaVonTrayne

<> Eviction Order <>
11th: Bamold1999 [23.1% Against the rest of the cast]
10th: KickAss93 [58.3% Against wyatt33]
9th: NJKoda1998 [66.7% Against K4r4k]
8th: Richardcglover [61.5% Against callumhibberd]
7th: Callumhibberd [Tied Against Alexa, Random.org chose him.
6th: Wyatt33 [75% Against K4r4k]

*~* Winners *~*
`'`Season 1:

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Season 1 Stars sign ups!
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  1. Evict for 5th!1566 days 6 hours ago
  2. Evict for 6th!1571 days 9 hours ago
  3. Evict for 7th!1576 days ago
  4. Evict for 8th!1577 days 1 hour ago
  5. Evict for 9th!1577 days 14 hours ago

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~*Mojo's Random Stars*~

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