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Tengaged's Survivor Tube

This group is here to act as a channel for all of the awesome "home versions" that have been created by Tengaged users. Here you can keep up with your favorite seasons, discuss with the hosts and fellow fans about the games, and see original seasons of Survivor.

This is a work in the process but hopefully we can soon have a place where you can find some awesome seasons of Survivor!

If you are a host and would like your shows to be featured shoot me a message and let me know!

Current Series:
                                          Sparticus142- SURVIVOR BACKYARD
-Hosted by Jake Spartz. This franchise started way back in 2006 and has produced 8 seasons, 5 of which are currently on Youtube. This franchise has 11-16 contestants battling in a grueling two day Survivor competition for the title of Sole Survivor. Taking place in Northern Minnesota, you will see very unique and authentic challenges as well as new twists and crazy game play.

Season 1: *COMING TO YOUTUBE SOON* (2006)   Season 2: *COMING TO YOUTUBE SOON* (2007)
Season 3: Twists & Turns (2008)                         Season 4: *COMING TO YOUTUBE SOON* (2009)
Season 5: Power of Alliances (2010)                    Season 6: Temptations Consequences (2011)
Season 7: The Separation Effect (2012)              Season 8: Double Trouble (2013)
Season 9: Tough Choices(2014)                          Season 10: (Filming Summer 2015)

                                         TheRenny's- Survivor Berkshires
Survivor: Berkshires films in western Massachusetts. Season one was filmed in July 2013, and premiered on YouTube the following September. Twelve contestants competed for four days. Season two featured ten new players and two players returning from season one. Season three will film in June of 2015.

Season 1: Survivor: Berkshires (2013)
Season 2: Survivor: Berkshires 2 (2014)

                                         Titan24Maniac's- Survivor Maryland
My game is a little different from most of these, in that I ran it at college over the course of a semester. These people are living their normal lives, but with Survivor woven into it. It's a different game, but a lot of fun too and really becomes part of their lives and gives them a lot of time to grow as people and with each other.

Season 1: Survivor: Maryland Outback
Season 2: Survivor: Terrapin Trials (MOST CURRENT SERIES!)

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Survivor:Terrapin Trials
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Survivor Backyard: Tough Choices
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Survivor: The Maryland Outback
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Survivor Backyard: Power of Alliances
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