Hello and thank you for checking out this group.  This game will be only about 3 WEEKS long.  I've returned to tengaged and am ready to start hosting again. Winner will be gifted!

        This season will twist your brains in a new way of thinking about Survivor, so what are you waiting for

•About 3 weeks
•Gift Prize for winner
•about 14 players depending on Applications




~Matt (matt64)
~David (Davidftw123)

14th Peter (peterya) 5-1-1
13th Blake (Blake18) 4-2-1
12th Gregory (DryIceBros) 3-1-1-1
11th AFD (Alaskanfiredragon) 2-2-1 {re-vote} 2-1
10th Zyler (MJFJune) 2-0 {4 votes nullified w/ an idol}

9th Mitch (Mitchkid64) 3-1
8th Dudesky (Ohheydudeski) 3-1 {6 votes nullified and tie}
7th Harry (Harrywasnak) 4-3
6th RJ (Realchance) 4-2
5th Danielle (Danielleloves2000) 3-2
4th TJ (Tditdat1234d) 3-1
3rd Will (Icebeast) Soul vote by David

Featured Players 4 playing

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Did i win?
2 postsCreated by peterya on 1074 days 23 hours ago
Last post by Davidftw123
1064 days 23 hours ago
Jury questions and Final vote
38 postsCreated by Conjow on 1102 days 1 hour ago
Last post by Davidftw123
1097 days 18 hours ago
Final Tribal Council!
12 postsCreated by Conjow on 1102 days 13 hours ago
Last post by Matt64
1102 days 8 hours ago
Final Immunity Challenge
8 postsCreated by Conjow on 1104 days 22 hours ago
Last post by Davidftw123
1102 days 21 hours ago
Tribal Council #11
14 postsCreated by Conjow on 1107 days 14 hours ago
Last post by IceBeast
1107 days 13 hours ago

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  1. Final Immunity - Part 3 - Spamming1104 days 22 hours ago
  2. Individual Immunity #81115 days 22 hours ago

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