Tengaged's Trapped!

"This is not a fairy tale. Or is it?"

This is based on the show on BBC! Trapped is a fast game that is quicker than a fasting. What happens is the game starts with 6 players, who enter the top of the tower must work together to play through a series of challenges and work their way down, but one of them can not be trusted. That person is the saboteur, who will stop at nothing to make sure the team loses. If the team fails the challenge, then they must vote on who they think the saboteur was in the challenge, but, if the team succeeds the challenge, the saboteur loses.After every challenge, players will continue down the tower floor, but the person with the most votes (when the team fails) or the saboteur (when the team wins) will be trapped on that floor. This process will continue on until two players are remaining, in which they will be asked a series of questions about their visit to the tower. The person who get the most questions correct will escape the tower and win, while the other is trapped with the other one is trapped with the rest.

Will you make it out?

Official time:
9:00 P.M. P.S.T. 12:00 P.M. E.S.T.
Making the seasons at night for fun.

Official Dates:
Every Saturday and Sunday night

The Host and The Voice:

Season 1: Tourist Trapped             
1. Skyhawk (3rd) 
2. CutieCake (4th)           
3. PhillipA (Runner-Up)             
4. Zoeylacey (Winner)       
5. Justunreal (6th)         
6. KiasuNOOB (5th)       

Season 2: Saboteurs & Immatures                     
1. Survivornerd (4th)
2. Absol (6th)
3. JakeP82 (1st)
4. beastwithswag (5th)
5. JakeD (3rd)
6. DDog83 (Runner-Up)

Season 3: Coming, Leaving, and Staying
1. EM002 (3rd)
2. RaverKid (6th)
3. Frigid09 (4th)
4. CharoletteArnold (5th)
5. xoxokiller (7th)
6. SomebodyAwesome (2nd)
7. Sarah48 (8th)
8. DarkIvysuar (1st)

Season 4:
1. titanium162 (2nd)
2. EM002 (1st)
3. Timmay (4th)
4. Survivornerd (3rd)
5. ParavatiS (5th)
6. Panda6785 (6th)

The Tengaged's Trapped Wikia:

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