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I quit

Topic » I quit

2033 days ago
Not that I don't want to play is just that I feel like you're very busy etc.. Not blaming you at all..
2032 days 22 hours ago
I feel the same way. This group is dead because of the host's unfortunate situation.
2032 days 19 hours ago
I'm sticking it out in case he's one of those people (like me) for whom the distraction is needed or even just a brief respite. It could also be a burden though. I'm absolutely fine with pausing it, postponing it, ending it, continuing it or whatever.
His life is infinitely more important than this game and I hope things improve for him quickly for his own sake.
2028 days 18 hours ago
i'm staying
2016 days 1 hour ago
still staying
2007 days 12 hours ago
still here
1985 days 23 hours ago
1972 days 3 hours ago
still here
1971 days 3 hours ago
I guess I actually do quit:

Karma: 3019399th       
Played: 259 times
Last Activity: 21 days ago
1966 days 18 hours ago
still hanging around
1963 days 12 hours ago
still here.

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