Riá's Big Brother Polls


  1. Q5. Who is a nobody?842 days 11 hours ago
  2. Q4. Who has your favorite blonde avatar?842 days 11 hours ago
  3. Q3. Of this bunch, who is your favorite?842 days 11 hours ago
  4. Q2. Who is the most recognizable?842 days 11 hours ago
  5. Q1. Who is the hottest mess?842 days 11 hours ago
  6. Q8. Who would survive in a Stars poll?909 days 8 hours ago
  7. Q7. Who rocks Hollywood Tiara better?909 days 8 hours ago
  8. Q6. Who is the better Stars player?909 days 8 hours ago
  9. Q5. Who is the bigger Alex Ow stan?909 days 8 hours ago
  10. Q4. Who is more relevant on Tengaged.com?909 days 8 hours ago
  11. Q3. Who is the bigger K-POP stan?909 days 8 hours ago
  12. Q2. Who is the better platinum wig collector?909 days 8 hours ago
  13. Q1. Who is the better Tea Brother houseguest?909 days 8 hours ago
  14. Q8. Who is the most boring to play?957 days 9 hours ago
  15. Q7. Who is the most fun to play?957 days 9 hours ago
  16. Q6. Who has the better Order of the Lotus Skin?957 days 9 hours ago
  17. Q5. Who has the best Arcade skin?957 days 9 hours ago
  18. Q4. Who is your favorite mid-laner?957 days 9 hours ago
  19. Q3. Lunari or Solari?957 days 9 hours ago
  20. Q2. Who is your favorite top-laner?957 days 9 hours ago

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Riá's Big Brother

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