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TRGG20 Big Brother Information

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296 days ago
Premiere: Week of May 9th, exact date TBD

Length of Season: About 3-4 weeks maximum, partially depends on availability of cast for live events.

Competitions: 1 HoH Competition and 1 PoV Competition will occur each round. Typically, one event will be live and one will be non-live.

-In the event of the HoH Competition being live: the HoH will be expected to immediately announce their nominations. Then, the PoV Competition will occur non-live starting at the conclusion of the HoH Competition. Everyone can participate in non-live PoV Competitions, with the 3 randomly chosen houseguests aside from the HoH and nominees being selected from the pool of participating houseguests. Along with score submission, participants will be expected to notify the host of their intended use of the PoV in the event that they win. Upon the conclusion of the non-live PoV competition, the winner and their decision will be announced, with the HoHs pre-made replacement nominee decision being announced if applicable and the 24 hour Eviction Voting period beginning.

-In the event of the PoV competition being live: The HoH competition that round would be non-live, with everyone providing who they would nominate if they won in advance. The PoV competition would then occur live at the conclusion of the non-live HoH competition, with the winner and nominees being announced and 3 other present houseguests being selected to participate. The PoV competition will then occur live with the winner and HoH immediately making the necessary decisions. The 24 hour Eviction Voting period begins immediately upon the PoV Meeting concluding.

Eviction Voting: Houseguests will always be given 24 hours to vote to evict, unless a live eviction is occurring.

Live Evictions: If all houseguests are able, there will be a live HoH and live PoV competition, with nominations and Veto Meeting occurring over the span of 5 minute gaps between competitions. The Houseguests will then have about 5 minutes to cast their eviction votes, with the next rounds HoH competition occurring immediately after, whether live or non-live.

Speed Rounds: In place of a Live Eviction, given that not all houseguests are available for a Live Eviction, there will instead be a 24 hour period in which houseguests may complete a non-live HoH competition and non-live PoV competition, also providing the necessary decisions they would make for nominees, PoV use, and eviction voting in the event they win competitions or are not nominated. At the conclusion of the 24 hour period, the HoH and their nominations and the PoV winner and their decision will be announced based on their previously submitted decisions, with previously submitted decisions being used to determine who is evicted.

All necessary information will be provided and re-iterated each round, so don't worry if any of the above is confusing. Feel free to message me with any questions.

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TRGG20 Big Brother Coming May 2021

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