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32 days ago
Current Pot Standings:

GROUP POT: $128,250

MOLE POT: $115,000

The Group lead decreases from $39,500 to $13,250

You must now all take your fourth quiz. It contains 10 questions about the identity of the Mole. You will be asked to be enter a 4 digit number on two parts of the quiz to verify your identity. Please make sure you don't forget this code and that you send it to me on tengaged or your score will be zero. You may only take the quiz once and you must take the quiz for yourself. Do not share information about the questions on the quiz with others before they take it. To make sure random people in this group do not also take the quiz, I will privately mail the link to the 7 of you. I have also included a confessional section. You are required to write a confessional before starting your quiz.

You have 24 hours, until 8:45 pm EST on July 21st to take the quiz. Any quizzes submitted after this time will not count.
32 days ago
Jacadeux has an exemption and can't be executed
32 days ago
For those not in the Skype chat, Mission 10 will be LIVE at 8 pm EST on July 22nd. Please confirm that this works for you, and if it doesn't, post times that work for you on that day.

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