~Stun's 42nd Annual Hunger Games~ (APPS)

*DISCLAIMER*: This is a Roleplaying Game. Everything in this game will be played out in mails, as you roleplay your survival through many difficulties I may send your way. None of this will be competition based. This game, depends on how YOU describe it.

The Hunger Games are an annual televised event where the ruthless Capitol randomly selects one boy and one girl, each between the ages of 12 and 18 from each of the twelve districts, pitting them against each other in a game of survival where they are forced to fight one another to the death. The victor then wins a new house for themselves and their families in their district, along with food, fame, and wealth. Will the odds be in your favor?




*** DATES ***

- August 11th @ 5:00PM EST (BLOODBATH)
- August 26th @ 1PM EST (FINALE)


- D2F, Heather Cameron
- D4F, Dream Doll
- D5M, Max Novaris
- D5F, Xayah Featherfall
- D8F, Angel Carter
- D10M, Jace Herding

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~Stun's 42nd Annual Hunger Games~ (APPS)

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