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Big Brother Winter (FINALE)

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Welcome to Big Brother: Winter Edition! I haven't hosted a group game in a while and this one will be like no other. The competitions will be unique (not just spam-fests). The drama will be real. The twists will change the game lik-e never before. 16 houseguests enter the house but only one walks out victorious! Will it be you? Sign up today for LUPIE's new reboot of his series: Big Brother Winter!
The winner will be rewarded for their participation and great gameplay with a $20 Amazon.Com prize!

Patrick (Mantyke)

Winner: Patrick with 7 jury votes [Mantyke]
Runner-Up: Tyler with 2 jury votes [Paintball]
3rd: Mark by Tyler's vote (Day 36)
4th: Andrew by Tyler's vote (Day 30) [levonini]
5th: Tanner by a vote of 2-0 (Day 29) [blatastic1234]
6th: Nehemiah by a vote of 3-0 (Day 26) [neme81]
7th: Lesha by a vote of 4-0 (Day 26) [ava_adore84]
8th: Riley by a vote of 5-0 (Day 25) [bigbrothermaniac]
9th: Rj by a vote of 6-0 (Day 22) [Realchance]
10th: Ryan by a vote of 6-1 (Day 20) [wangifold]
11th: Isiah (Expelled on Day 20) [legend_of_link]
12th: Natalie by a vote of 8-1 (Day 20) [OhNatalie]
13th: Josh by a vote of 8-1, lost battle against Tanner (Day 17) [joshg222]
14th: James by a vote of 5-5, Patrick broke tie (Day 15) [PoohSnap]
15th: Chris B. by a vote of 10-2 (Day 7) [Mybash_]
16th: Chris F. by a vote of 8-4-0 (Day 4) [sirfraley]

Natalie (OhNatalie)
Ryan (wangifold)
Rj (Realchance)
Riley (bigbrothermaniac)
Lesha (ava_adore84)
Nehemiah (neme81)
Tanner (blatastic1234)
Andrew (levonini)
Mark (mminervini219)

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Big Brother Winter (FINALE)

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