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Will's One-Offs 5: Endurance

Congrats to ElectraViv on winning I Love Money!

We've just arrived in the great state of Hawaii for the 5th season of Will's One-Offs: Endurance! This season, duos will compete against each other in various tests of both skill and will. At the end of the day, only 1 team will be left standing to be crowned the winners of endurance and claim the $100,000 grand prize!


11th - Nick (NotNicky333) and Craig (Singsongers) [BEIGE] [Forfeited Meal or No Meal to John and Adam]
10th - Keith (keefe) and Stephen (Simpizzle) [BROWN] [Lost Speed Demon to Jay and Yus]
9th - Vivian (ElectraViv) and Jimmy (BB5lover) [PINK] [Lost Spam It Down to John and Adam]
8th - Jay (abstractjay) and Yus (yus222) [GREEN] [Lost Speed Demon to Nathan and Noelle]
7th - Logan (lhooper902976) and Tris (TMAN54445) [ORANGE] [Lost Speed Demon to Nathan and Noelle]
6th - Kiara (Kiara_xoxo) and Joshlyn (joshlyn34) [RED] [Lost Trivia Terror to Nathan and Noelle]
5th - John (Jxhn) and Adam (mradamman12) [TURQUOISE] [Lost Meal or No Meal to Mike and Kelly]
4th - Xakim (Hisoka) and Bryan (Eilish) [PURPLE] [Lost Speed Demon to Mike and Kelly]
---FINAL 3---
3rd - Mike (Pieguy555) and Kelly (Kelly0412) [BLACK] [Lost Final Challenge]
Runner-Ups: Sandy (iSandeh) and Raul (MrBird) [BLUE] [Lost Final Challenge]
Winners: Noelle (Heavenlee) and Nathan (matedog1209) [YELLOW] [Won Final Challenge]

Will's One-Offs History:
Big Brother: Tree of Temptations - ElectraViv
Big Brother UK - MrBird
American Grit - gabrieltrezza, Christian_, and DarkTyphoon23
I Love Money - ElectraViv
Endurance - Heavenlee and matedog1209

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