SFCB3: Big Brother UK

Season History:
SFCB1: Big Brother - Tree of Temptations
Winner: Alan (alanb1)
Runner-Up: Sam (s73100)
Progress Chart: http://imgur.com/a/I8lt4

SFCB2: Survivor - East Indies
Winner: Myah (Myah98)
Runner-Up: Patsy (BBHoe) and Jerry (GerardoM13)
Progress Chart: http://imgur.com/a/fFGXT

After 2 great seasons, we're back again with another installmment of the SFCB reality series.  This season, 16 housemates will move into the all-new Big Brother house.  Cameras will watch their every move, and microphones will capture their every word.  The housemates will have to create bonds between both themselves and you, the tengaged public, or they'll be swiftly eliminated from the game.  One by one, the housemates will be evicted until only one person remains.  With 16 housemates and only 1 winner, this is sure to be a summer to remember!

- Cameron (top20fan33)
- Aaron (Roxas546)
- Latisha (Latisha0987)
- Jhoff (jhoffheat)
- Skarlet (dawnpeacly)
- Jason (Galantis)
- Acosta (Acosta1539)
- Deborah (BritishRomeo17)
- Batya (Courtney)

16th - Dylan (Halloween) (Evicted by Public Vote, Day 3)
15th - Jordan (Jordan009) (Evicted by Public Vote, Day 5)
14th - Gonzalo (Carvalho) (Evicted by Public Vote, Day 7)
13th - Jake (Padfoot) (Ejected, Day 8)
12th - Jae (PoohSnap) (Evicted by Public Vote, Day 9)
11th - Tommy (TommyD) (Evicted by a 5-4 House Vote, Day 11)
10th - Jack (XoXu) (Evicted by Public Vote, Day 14)
Contact Us:

SurvivorFan37 - Joe.Schmoe913
CocoaBean - hiitstommy908

Through Mail
Additional Features:

- At the end of the season, there will be an awards show given to the best player, the underdog, the villain, the person who stirred the most drama, etc. Do your best to win these awards if you want a chance at all-stars, and a gift!


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