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[S1] Contract & Game Format — Must Read & Sign

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1772 days 3 hours ago
Hello, and thank you once again for applying for season one of CMX Survivor!

If you haven't gathered it quite yet, my name is Connor and I will be your amazing, fantastic, incredible host for season one of Survivor! Prior to selecting the final cast, there are some ground rules that I need you all to understand before the final cast can be determined and the game can begin. Please note that following your reading of this post, you will need to copy and post the statement at the bottom, allowing me to know that you read and understand the rules posted here.

Some things to note before you read the rules:
• Applications will most likely close within one week, and the final cast will also be notified, securing their spot as an official player in season one.
• A Skype is not required for this game, but it is heavily encouraged. Every once in a while I may ask if the majority of the group would like to have an challenge or elimination on a Skype call. In the event this takes place, you are NOT obligated to speak on call unless you feel comfortable. This is not guaranteed to happen, it will simply depend on the willingness and interest of the initial cast.
• This game will MOSTLY run on a cycle. It will closely model the following:
Day 1 :: Immunity Challenge & Tribal Council
Day 2 :: Votes Read, Immunity Challenge & New Tribal Posted

:: Rules ::
1) Being active and engaged is extremely important. This game will have events that will take place (mostly) daily, and it is important for me to be able to count on you to show up to such events. Please do not just think "I'll show up if I happen to remember, or if I happen to be online at the time of the event." It is important for you to make a conscious effort to remember and show up to the events. Set a reminder on your phone, or set an alarm, or just remember to show up! It's important! I do throw in a lot of non-live events for everyone's convenience, so please pay attention to those as well.

2) If you know beforehand that you will not be able to attend an event, and you have a responsibility (such as casting a vote), it is your responsibility to notify me via Skype or Tengaged Mail what you would like to do with the power you have. If you fail to comply with this once, I reserve the right to bench you from the following competition if I see fit. Repeated violation of this rule can lead to various punishments, up to and including your expulsion from the game.

I strongly recommend and encourage each castaway to send me a list of who they would like to protect from the most to the least. This will be the list I will refer to in the event that you fail to cast an vote. If you decide to do this, (which is strongly encouraged!), you are free to update your list at any time to reflect your relationships and alliances at that point. I will always refer to the most recent list you have provided me.

3) Confessionals are not required, but heavily encouraged. There is no specific quota that you need to meet in terms of sending them, however, I do really enjoy reading them and it shows me that you are an active and engaged member of the game. I will base spots in all-stars and many other future seasons on the frequency with which you send your confessionals, so this aspect of the game is entirely up to you.

4) If I have a Live competition planned, and only one person who is eligible to compete shows up to compete, I will either reschedule the Live competition or post a non-live competition to take its place.

5) Don't get banned. It's not hard. Don't do it. Getting banned gets you expelled.

6) Please add me on Skype if you have one. My username is Connor_Tengaged. Please also include me in all alliance chats throughout the season, it will give me better insight into the game and allow me to add more details to the eventual wiki.

7) Be respectful to me, and make sure you expectations for this game are appropriate. I can be sarcastic, but I am very easy to get along with. Please keep in mind that although I am in charge, I am still only an 18-year-old hosting an online game from my bedroom. Do not threaten to come to my house and fight me if you get eliminated. Do not tell me to come to your house to fight you if you get eliminated. As much as I would like to fly you all out to Yucatan to compete in this season face to face, my hands are slightly tied in that aspect. Please keep in mind that I am doing the best I can with the materials I have.

8) Have a good time! I put a lot of work into hosting these games, and I want to ensure that you are all actively playing and having fun. It makes you all more excited and likely to show up, and it makes me more excited to host.

To show me that you have read and understand this post, please copy and paste the following statement below. Once you have completed this and the application, you have completed the application process and can expect to hear from me in the coming days!


"I, (insert name), have read and understand the rules and expectations that will be in place in the event I am cast for CMX Survivor: Yucatan. I also understand and accept that Connor has the right to take whatever action he deems necessary in the event I fail to comply with the aforementioned rules."

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