Survivor: Libya- Battle of the Worlds!~

Hello everyone, and welcome to the merged season of Wangi's and Mana's Survivor! We're here in Libya, a stunning hideaway in the western corner of Africa. Being transported in trucks over the hills below me are 18 castaways who have weathered the game to make it to this point and are ready to play the game of Survivor! They're continuing a journey of a lifetime, the battle for one million dollars is on! They have no idea what's in store for them. For in the seemingly calm paradise, tensions will rise, tempers will flare, and one by one, 18 castaways will be voted off until only 1 remains. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

For the next 39 days, this will be their home. They will have to play a crafty game and keep their eyes on the prize in order to win this game. They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted off the tribe. In the end, one will remain, and claim the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

39 days. 18 people. 1 Survivor!

Tripoli- White Buffs
-KC (KCObedencio){Bintumani/Moa/Drolanam/Wangy's Bitches/Drolanam}
-Cole (Cole91){Bintumani/Bintumani/Drolanam/Wangy's Bitches/Wangy's Bitches}

Elimination Order
18. Bennett N/coolnarwhal88 (Indénié/Indénié/Wangy's Bitches) [1st Voted Out] (7-1-1) [Day 3]
17. Dexter/thedarkpassanger (Moa/Moa/Drolanam/Occultus/Drolanam) [2nd Voted Out] (7-2) [Day 5]
-----------------------------TRIBE SWAP---------------------------
16. Andrea C/IceIceBaby (Sanwi/Sanwi/Wangy's Bitches/Wangy's Bitches) [3rd Voted Out] (7-1) [Day 9]
15. Mike S/Mikespike (Indénié/Indénié/Wangy's Bitches/Wangy's Bitches)[4th Voted Out](2-2-2-1/3-1) [Day 11]
14. James/Funkybike1 (Bintumani/Bintumani/Drolanam/Drolanam) [5th Voted Out] (4-3-1) [Day 14]
-----------------------------TRIBE SHUFFLE---------------------------
13. Natalie S/OhNatalie (Indénié/Sanwi/Occultus/Wangy's Bitches/Drolanam/Wangy's Bitches)(4-1-1){Day 16]
12. Jeremy (MMAjunkieX){Bintumani/Bintumani/Drolanam/Wangy's Bitches/Wangy's Bitches}(3-2){Day 18}
************ Jury Begins*******************
11. Lukas S/SirNiceGuy (Sanwi/Indénié/Wangy's Bitches /Drolanam/Wangy's Bitches)(2-1-1){Day 20}
10. Dan B/Bigbrother101 (Indénié/Sanwi/Wangy's Bitches/Occutlus/Wangy's Bitches /Drolanam/Drolanam)(6-3-1){Day 22}
9. David 'Sharpe' (SurvivorRulz96){Bintumani/Moa/Drolanam /Drolanam/Drolanam}{Day 25}(4-2-1-1-1)
8.Bubba (Duffybutt11){Moa/Bintumani/Drolanam/Wangy's Bitches/Wangy's Bitches}(5-3){Day 27}
7.Ethan H/Ethan000 (Sanwi/Sanwi/Wangy's Bitches /Drolanam/Drolanam)(4-3){Day 30}
6. Dave Y/PSULucky (Sanwi/Indénié/Indénié/Wangy's Bitches /Drolanam/Drolanam )(5-1){Day 32}
5. Kiko (Kikorus){Moa/Bintumani/Occultus/Drolanam/Wangy's Bitches/Drolanam)(3-2){Day 35}
4. Danaan (Danaan){Bintumani/Moa/Drolanam/Drolanam/Wangy's Bitches} (2-2) (FMC) [Day 37]
3. Azri Z/subfriend (Indénié/Indénié/Wangy's Bitches/Wangy's Bitches/Drolanam) (1-0) [Day 38{

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