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Celebrity Big Brother 9: Diamonds


From the Productions that brought you the extremely successful Celebrity Apprentice series, The Real Housewives Ultimate Challenge, The Bachelorette, and the X Factor USA!

The NEWEST installment in B-ROGE PRODUCTIONS... Celebrity Big Brother!

Celebrities will walk into the Big Brother house, starting the power struggle to be the last celebrity standing. Each week (around 3 days), the contestants will battle it out for HoH and PoV. And each week, one celebrity will walk out the door. In the end, only one celebrity will walk away as CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER CHAMPION!


Most Competitions Won in a Season - Taylor Swift (BigBrotherFan132) [11 Times - All Stars]
Most Times being Nominated in a Season - Demi Lovato (smooth) [6 Times - Season 9]


Diary Room:

HoH Room:

Jury House:


Season 1 - Basic {Winner - Macklemore (Schwabby2222)}:

Season 2 - Revolving Door {Winner - Demi Lovato (smooth)}:

Season 3 - Vets vs. Newbies: Redemption House {Winner - Justin Timberlake (Likeaboss)}:

Season 4 - America's Favorite Player: Boys vs. Girls {Winner - Whitney Houston (francesca19988)}:

Season 5 - All Stars: Battle of the Seasons {Winner - Laurie Holden (IceIceBaby)}:

Season 6 - Good vs. Evil {Winner - Marilyn Monroe (OhNatalie)}

Season 7 - From Riches To Rags {Winner - Ross Lynch (Logie56)}

Season 8 - Survivor Edition {Winner - James Franco (rahrah)}

Season 9 - Diamonds {Winner - James Hinchcliffe (Gamerden13)}


James Hinchcliffe (Gamerden13)

19 - Beyonce (Kingty091)                   9 - Lucas Till (Neme91)               
18 - Sarah Oliver (MIchelle990)           8 - Lindsay Lohan (ThebestlerHoH)
17 - Courtney Love (VanessaFeltz)       7 - Ross Lynch (Logie56)
16 - Victoria Justice (VictoriaW)           6 - Demi Lovato (smooth)
15 - Justin Timberlake (Likeaboss)       5 - Josh Hutcherson (PoohSnap)
14 - Barack Obama (Renny10)             4 - Adam Levine (Brandonh1)
13 - Lisa Lampanelli (Giraffez)             3 - Wiz Khalifa (Emmett4)
12 - Nick Jonas (DrG2)                        ----FINALISTS----
11 - Justin Bieber (GerardoM13)          2 - Will Ferrell (DrPepsi)
----Jury----                                        ----WINNER----
10 - Ed Sheeran (kgamer2218)            1 - James Hinchcliffe (Gamerden13)

Finalists - Will Ferrell (DrPepsi), James Hinchcliffe (Gamerden13)
Ed voted for - James Hinchcliffe (Gamerden13)
Lucas voted for - Will Ferrell (DrPepsi)
Lindsay voted for - Will Ferrell (DrPepsi)
Ross voted for - James Hinchcliffe (Gamerden13)
Demi voted for - James Hinchcliffe (Gamerden13)
Josh voted for - James Hinchcliffe (Gamerden13)
Adam voted for - James Hinchcliffe (Gamerden13)
Wiz voted for - James Hinchcliffe (Gamerden13)

WINNER - James Hinchcliffe (Gamerden13)
Runner-Up - Will Ferrell (DrPepsi)

Featured Players 11 playing

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